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The BBP at Bukit Utama: Snapshot

The BBP ('Big Black Pig,' according to a member of the service team, though 'Best BBQ Pit' appears to be their chosen alternative) is cosy & welcoming.

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2015 Menu at The Point, Damansara Heights: Restaurant Review

The Point has evolved & matured over the past year into Medan Damansara's best-kept dining secret - head chef Bryan Tan, still only in his twenties, presides over an ambitiously imaginative kitchen that takes bold risks & delivers fascinating rewards.

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Ticklish Ribs and 'Wiches at Sea Park, Petaling Jaya: Restaurant Review

This distinctive new destination in Petaling Jaya hopes to hog the limelight for meat lovers, tickling the taste buds by tackling pork ribs and sandwiches with gumption and gusto in a spirited setting that springs to life with musical gigs and stand-up comedy nights.

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2015 Skewer Menu: Hubba Hubba at Lorong Ceylon: Restaurant Review

The heat is on at Hubba Hubba: Chef Izal and his team are fanning the embers of excitement at the city centre's party hub with their new menu of protein-powered, barbecued skewers with stirringly inventive sauces and stomach-pleasingly unlimited sides.

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Bar B Q Tonight at The Weld: Restaurant Review

Brain food? A wise order at Bar B Q Tonight, touted as Pakistan's favourite BBQ chain, now in KL by way of Karachi.

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Aka Raka at Solaris Dutamas, Outside Publika: Restaurant Review

This Korean-founded BBQ restaurant features a few interesting flourishes, with a kitchen spearheaded by Mr Kim, a charming and cheerful chef with more than 15 years of experience.

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Resistance is Futile at Ribs by Vintry: Restaurant Review

There should be a warning sign informing diners that any attempt of counting the calories, or trying to stay healthy by sticking to the greens is futile when you step inside Ribs by Vintry. [Sponsored]

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My Charcoal at Damansara Heights: Restaurant Review

Checking out a neighbourhood newbie in Bukit Damansara, My Charcoal Bar, a barbecue joint that replaces Ka Soh Seafood Restaurant on the Kasah F&B strip.

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2015 Menu and Wine Buffet: Monkey Garage at Bangsar

Talk about a transformation: Monkey Garage has endured a complete revamp - it's now no longer a hidden cafe that offers Laksa Johor & Nasi Tomato, but a full-fledged restaurant & bar that strives to serve some of Bangsar's porkiest pleasures.

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