This weekend’s dinner, conclusively settled: Down To Bones lives up to its caveman-baiting moniker, commandeering an OUG kopitiam every Saturday and Sunday evening, leaving hordes of us grunting with glee over a feast of pork ribs, chicken and lamb.

1. Down to Bones

2. Down to Bones

3. Down to Bones


Pork ribs

The reason to head here: Colossal pork ribs that look like they were stripped off a giant gator instead of a hog, emphatically fleshy and tender, capably marinated and cooked, with a glaze that’s sticky-sweet but not sickly – perfect for primal, sink-your-teeth-into-this satisfaction. Each rib is served with a textured, creamy-buttery potato mash, sausages and some greens for only RM18.

4. Down to Bones

5. Down to Bones

6. Down to Bones

Chicken and lamb

For the chicken and the lamb (RM14 and RM16 respectively, including sides), Down To Bones’ strength rests in generous portions – the chicken is closer to meaty than juicy, with most of its flavour concentrated in its skin, while the lamb is competent but not compelling.

7. Down to Bones

8. Down to Bones

Still, it’s all easy enough to enjoy, washed down with ice-chilled beer; with its attractive prices and no-nonsense execution of honest, hearty fare, Down To Bones has the goods to turn into a tremendous crowd magnet. Tip: Get here early.

9. Down to Bones

12. Down to Bones

Location & Details

Down To Bones
27 Jalan Hujan Rahmat, Taman Overseas Union, Kuala Lumpur. Sat-Sun, 630pm onwards.

Servings in photos depict takeaway packaging; plating for dine-in customers looks better, of course.

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  1. Leong Wei Hsin July 14, 2016 Subscriber

    Joyce Pang

  2. Tan Kok Hooi June 12, 2016 Subscriber

    After reading your post yesterday, today call for booking and end up tell me and friend out of food before out appointment time, what type of customer service is this?

    • EatDrink June 13, 2016 Subscriber

      They must have sold out really quickly. Hopefully they’ll have more food next time 🙂

  3. Lola Chin June 10, 2016 Subscriber

    Wong Vi Yon VvAn Wong Vi Vian

  4. Bernadette Anne Fernandez June 10, 2016 Subscriber

    Leila May Nair, 🙂

  5. Suzana Sierarfiyna June 10, 2016 Subscriber

    Rose Marie Ubara Jackie Lim Shailaja Jaji got check it out

  6. Jun Kit Chin June 10, 2016 Subscriber
  7. Jun Kit Chin June 10, 2016 Subscriber

    Thank you so much for your kind review EatDrink

  8. Sheba Gumis June 10, 2016 Subscriber

    Adam Gumis

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