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Mid-Autumn's Boozy Beautiful Guinness Mooncakes are Back

The year may have gone by in a blink, but there are still some festivities to be had! One that's just around the

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Mid-Autumn Festival in KL This Year

The Mid-Autumn festival is massively celebrated across Asia, especially in China, Vietnam, and even Malaysia, with

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Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur: Mid-Autumn 2016 Jewellery Box

For 2016, these mid-autumn temptations can be secured in jewellery boxes made from luxuriously lacquered wood

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2015 Mooncakes at InterContinental Kuala Lumpur: Review

InterContinental's mooncakes are made to marvel at, from their elaborate packaging to elegant craftsmanship to exquisite flavours that chef Lo Tion Son & his team prepare by hand daily for irreproachable freshness.

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Purple Cane, 2015 Mooncakes: Restaurant Review

Balancing classic tradition with contemporary trendiness, Purple Cane's tea mooncakes are uniquely beautiful creations that capture the mid-autumn season's spirit, harmoniously blending familiar mooncake flavours with subtle notes of Chinese tea.

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Set Meals and Mooncakes at Grand Harbour, Mid Valley: Restaurant Review

With robust crowds for mealtimes in Mid Valley, Grand Harbour has become one of this mall's solid bets for Chinese cuisine. Two new promotions - set meal packages & mid-autumn mooncakes - currently supply a strong introduction to this restaurant.

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