Formula for Good Times: Chicken + Mezcal + Tequila + Beer

If you haven’t visited Undisclosed Location, the chic, no-frills Mexican fusion hangout spot tucked away in Kelana Jaya, we’ve got a new reason for you to plan your visit.


Chicken and tequila? We’re in!


They’ve just opened a sister bar just upstairs called Chicken, Por Favor – a blending of English and Spanish that means “chicken, please!” It’s a comfy and cosy space, creatively decked-out with vibes somewhere between a cheery Mexican cantina and a skeleton-festooned día de los muertos procession. We loved it.


Bar and table seating comfortably accommodates a little over a couple of dozen patrons.


Read on to find out more about their chicken


There’s nothing overly complicated here, and the menu is as basic as it is enticing. Chicken, chicken wings, chicken sliders, some nachos, some cheesy fries, and a whole lot of drinks. Tequila and mezcal take centre stage, and there are also a few beers on offer. Mostly the usual local brands, though Corona, Mexico’s most overexposed cerveza, makes an appearance. That’s not the fault of the bar, of course… Corona is just the most heavily marketed and exported Mexican beer. Sadly, we definitely don’t get much – if any – of the good stuff here in Malaysia, such as Modelo Especial, Pacifico, Dos Equis, or Tecate. For people who like Corona, though (and clearly there are a lot of you out there), at least it’s an option here. Be sure to add the classic lime wedge in order to give the light brew a bit of flavour.

For us, we were happy to explore the tequila and mezcal offerings, which are plentiful. Shooters start at 3 for RM30 (these are flavoured shooters, so expect them to be correspondingly lightweight), with proper shots of tequila and mezcal ranging from RM28 to RM50. We recommend the Herradura, Espolòn, or Don Julio reposado tequilas (perhaps “and” instead of “or” if you’re feeling cheeky) at RM30 each. These 100% blue agave tequilas are “rested” in oak to add a mellow dimension of smoothness making them great to sip or shoot. For a primo sipping experience, step up to the slate of añejo, or aged, tequilas. We hope to see this category expanded in the coming months, and perhaps even a couple of nice extra añejo tequilas added. There are more blanco tequilas than any other, and most of these are going to be better in a drink than for sipping or shooting.


Only quality 100% agave tequilas here!


Mezcal is really allowed to shine at Chicken, Por Favor (and downstairs at Undisclosed Location, too – read our primer on both HERE). Unlike tequila, which is a mezcal bound by very specific rules of production (namely what species of agave plant is used and where in Mexico the spirit can be produced, among other requirements), mezcal as a broader category allows many different agave species to be used, and the differences between them is very fun to explore. Mezcal can also be produced in many more states of Mexico, and the production involves cooking the agave hearts underground over a smoldering fire, imparting a subtle and uniquely smoky note to the spirit. Bar owner Mervin turned us on to the simple mezcal and soda cocktail, a long drink made over ice with a shot of mezcal, a wheel of juicy lime, and fresh cold soda water. It’s absolutely delicious and possibly the only cocktail that rivals the classic gin and tonic for sheer refreshment on a hot day.


Mezcal shots… resistance was futile!


But at this bar, there’s far more to explore as far as cocktails go, from the classic Paloma (RM32) and Mexican Mule (RM34) to local takes on tequila-based craft cocktails such as the Ham Sap Boii (RM35) and Ginseng & Honey Lemon (RM38). A whole range of tequila highballs are available (RM24/26, or any 10 for RM200), and we think treats like the Pineapple Highball and the Rooster Reposado Highball (with vanilla and cinnamon notes) are a great way to introduce people to the magic of quality tequilas. Of course, margaritas in an array of creative iterations are on offer, including one beast that incorporates both reposado tequila and one of our favourite mezcals, the Montelobos Espadín. At RM58, it’s the priciest drink on the list, but as the menu boldly assures us, “multiply the might, multiply the mischief.”


A local twist on the classic margarita.


Of course, we can’t leave out a word or two on the namesake of the bar – chicken. For some of the crispiest, crunchiest pollo fritos you’ll find anywhere, this is where to come. Forget KFC. Forget Texas Chicken. The plated fried chicken choices here (there are four options) aren’t just unbelievably crunchy and tasty, they deliver on value, too. All of the Mexicana Fried Chicken choices are a modest RM24,90, except one – that one features a decadent side of mozzarella mac and cheese, and it’s RM26.90. We were amazed at how generous the serving was (two pieces of chicken, plus sides)… and unless you’re really hungry, one plate might be enough for two to share. There are also alitas de pollo, or chicken wings, in three versions, each with eight sizeable wings, just RM26.90. Plenty of little nibbles, too, from Oaxacan Beef Sliders (RM18) to Nacho Chips with Guacamole and Salsa (RM16).


Even the picture looks crunchy!


Fresh chips and creamy guac


For a more comprehensive selection of delicious food, of course, just nip downstairs to Undisclosed Location, a place that’s easy to recommend.

We enjoyed our inaugural visit to Chicken, Por Favor – on top of great food and drinks, we loved the vibe and creative décor – and can see this Kelana Jaya bar becoming a trendy one!


Promotions add to the fun – check out the bar’s socials to find out the latest!


Location & Details

Undisclosed Location and Chicken, Por Favor
1 & 1A, Jalan SS 4c/5, Taman Rasa Sayang
47301 Petaling Jaya

T: +6012.902 6648

Hours: 3pm to midnight
Closed Tuesdays


Chicken, Por Favor