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Huckleberry After Dark at Plaza Damansara: Restaurant review

For those of us whose appetites rise when the sun sets, Huckleberry After Dark is a beacon of light that could become a sleeper hit

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17 Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor for you to try

Italy is perhaps the country most well-known for its food across the world; pizza, pasta and coffee are present just about everywhere nowadays. But where are the best Italian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur to mangiare?

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12 Japanese restaurants for omakase meals in KL and Selangor

Go off the menu and leave your meal entirely in the hands of these maestros of Japanese cuisine, who prepare set lunches and dinners according to what's fresh and seasonal, with twists that illustrate innovative surprises.

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Sitka at Batai: 2016 brunch and dessert menu

Sitka recently introduced new recipes that set the benchmark for what brunch & desserts should aspire to be, relying on carefully sourced, compellingly assembled ingredients.

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20 brunch spots to try in KL and Selangor

If you're looking for something nourishing to start your busy Saturday day off right; or a satisfying meal to take the edge of a Sunday morning - there's nothing better than a brunch, Here, we've gathered some top picks for you to get brunch munch on in the Klang Valley.

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15 Thai restaurants to try in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Malaysia's northern neighbour has seen its cuisine skyrocket in global popularity in the last few years. So it would only be logical to see some great places to get tom yum, pad thai and the like here in Malaysia - they do share a lot of ingredients and a geographic border, after all.

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12 creative sriracha-spiked dishes to try at restaurants in KL and Selangor

Sriracha, the delicious hot sauce popular in Vietnamese and Thai cooking, has become a go-to condiment to raise the heat for a multitude of dishes, both classic and contemporary

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Babe: Japas Fun Dining at Clearwater, Damansara Heights: Restaurant Review

Babe's chief asset is its chef, American-Japanese Jeff Ramsey, an affably approachable figure who helmed the kitchen of Tapas Molecular Bar in Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo, when it earned its first Michelin star.

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2015 Menu at The Point, Damansara Heights: Restaurant Review

The Point has evolved & matured over the past year into Medan Damansara's best-kept dining secret - head chef Bryan Tan, still only in his twenties, presides over an ambitiously imaginative kitchen that takes bold risks & delivers fascinating rewards.

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Bandits Coffee Bar at Bukit Damansara: Restaurant Review

Bandits Coffee Bar hijacks the limelight this week; breaking into Bukit Damansara, this wild bunch of brunch-crazy baristas - armed with avocados and helmed by a notoriously tattooed ringleader - seems set to steal the hearts of KL's cafe enthusiasts.

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