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Cohiba Atmosphere Comes to Kuala Lumpur

Opening Southeast Asia’s tallest building this month just wasn’t enough for Kuala Lumpur, apparently. So adding

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Okonomiyaki Konaya at Sunway Giza Mall: Snapshot

Anatomy of an okonomiyaki: Konaya is dedicated to the art of making the Osaka-style savoury pancake, serving no

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Ziffy Cafe at Kota Damansara: Cafe review

Kota Damansara's latest cafe serves a spiffy selection of Melbourne-inspired brunches with international influences and set lunches with local twists

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Pho Le Saigon at Kota Damansara: Snapshot

Noodles keep customers slurping all day long at Pho Le Saigon.

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Ru Di Fook Noodle Bar at Kota Damansara: Restaurant review

Ru Di Fook represents the vision of three Malaysian culinary comrades who offer an observant menu with inventive East Asian touches that try to tickle the taste buds from start to finish.

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Eat Drink Thai at Kota Damansara: Restaurant review

Eat Drink Thai's signature attraction is its steaming seafood pot - a whole barramundi, plus a substantial serving

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WOP Coffee & Bread at Kota Damansara: Snapshot

Any cafe that has 'Ethiopian chicken' on its menu could be worth investigating: WOP Coffee's version isn't exactly

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Nam Chau at Sunway Nexis, Kota Damansara: Restaurant review

For fans of Ipoh kopitiam fare, Nam Chau is known as one of the northern city's top stops for breakfast and lunch,

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Ballotin Chocolate at Kota Damansara: Chocolate shop review

Lustrously marbled Valrhona chocolate bonbons, crafted in irresistible flavours: If chocolates are your weakness, Ballotin might be your downfall.

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Guantanamo at Kota Damansara: Snapshot

Guantanamo hopes to keep hunger at bay with traditional temptations like a fiercely fiery asam pedas ikan merah

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Hameediyah Nasi Kandar at Kota Damansara: Restaurant review

The pioneering purveyors of nasi kandar are off to a brisk start, with no lack of a lunchtime crowd - all patiently queuing for a delicious meal

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Macha & Co at Kota Damansara: Snapshot

Cool name for a banana leaf rice joint - Macha & Co offers a satisfactory rendition of the familiar South Indian staple

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Mhera-1 Thai Fine Cuisine at Kota Damansara: Restaurant review

Mhera-1 replaces Kota Damansara's revered Erawan Thai restaurant, but retains Chef Trakool 'Korn' Yodsuk's recipes

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10 restaurants for tasty Thai curries in KL and Selangor

Right here in Malaysia, you can spice up the Songkran season with a visit to one of these Thai restaurants that showcase a selection of curries worth celebrating

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