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Two KL Restaurants Certified ‘Authentic’ by Spanish Government

These are good times for Malaysian residents who enjoy Spanish gastronomy, thanks to a new certification scheme

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Mid-Autumn's Boozy Beautiful Guinness Mooncakes are Back

The year may have gone by in a blink, but there are still some festivities to be had! One that's just around the

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Make Way for Mother's Day with These Deals

It's time to celebrate the true head of the domestic household in most houses! And in houses that have one who

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Experience Hygge at Kopenhagen Coffee

This post was contributed by EatDrink Brand Ambassador Chia Hui Tzi. Hygge is defined as characteristics of

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'ChillnGrill' Menu by Souled Out Kuala Lumpur at Sri Hartamas: Snapshot

Souled Out Hartamas invites guests to 'ChillnGrill' with the debut of their newly-built wood-fired oven. Think premium chilled meats, pizzas, and mojitos.

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Italia and Ribs Gastromania at Sri Hartamas: Snapshot

Look forward to dishes like seafood risotto, ricotta-stuffed ravioli, house-made gnocchi with bolognese sauce, and pizza Margherita, among others.

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Hachi Bakery Cafe at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas: Bakery review

Walk through the noren at the entrance of Hachi, and you'll find a bakery-cafe with plenty of heart and passion, promising specialities with a distinctively Japanese touch, tinged with traditional European craftsmanship.

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Roti Xpress at Hartamas Shopping Centre: Snapshot

Nasi lemak-inspired novelties continue to thrive in KL: The new Roti Xpress offers a lemak-inspired interpretation of roti bakar

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Butaya Izakaya at Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

This beautifully atmospheric restaurant is an intriguing addition to the calmer, saner side of Sri Hartamas, bringing the charismatic spirit of a Japanese izakaya to the neighbourhood.

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Shu-Ra Bar at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas: Snapshot

Omakase by appointment: This new venue offers dinners of dishes picked and prepared by a resident Japanese chef, available on advance reservations only.

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Redemption Espresso Bar at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas: Snapshot

Redemption cracks the right combination for a should-visit coffee bar: Flat whites and long blacks crafted with earnest effort by a genuinely genial team

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Tomorrow People at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

This place infuses Malaysian sensibilities into contemporary cafe fare, sparking several unique results.

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