3. Good Ground Bakery-min
June 22, 2017 |
Poised to gain ground among fans of baked fare, this new haven for pastries, cakes & cookies is a labour of love by Sarah, who honed her craft for over 18 months as a home baker before creating her own space to showcase her passion.
3. GG Seafood-min
June 19, 2017 |
Inspired by a recipe that GG Seafood’s chef soaked up in the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao, this new restaurant’s signature offering is perfect for patrons who love the bounty of the ocean and the rivers.
June 11, 2017 |
When a skilled 26-year-old Malaysian chef who spent 14 months in the kitchen of Copenhagen’s Noma teams up with an establishment in KL whose founders have specialised in observantly executed food and first-rate wines for more than a decade, the alchemy of youthful panache and seasoned perceptiveness is a prescription for flavours that linger in the mouth and on the mind.
1. MAZE-min
June 10, 2017 |
Coffee saloon by day, gin parlour by night; sunny before six p.m., sultry after dusk: Maze takes an imaginative Jekyll-and-Hyde philosophy to what a suave, sprawling lounge can potentially be, transforming from a brunch-to-tea, cake-and-caffeine haven into a velvet-cloaked watering hole that stylishly spotlights the old-world glamour of gin.
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