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Jeq In The House in Section 17, Petaling Jaya: 2016 menu

One of our favourite facets of exploring restaurants is encountering young chefs who show significant potential to

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Mochu Locco Zakka at Cheras: Snapshot

Mochu Locco Zakka may be worth the effort if you're seeking a winsome cafe for a chill-out session

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The Point at Kasah, Bukit Damansara: 2016 menu review

Every visit to The Point is a voyage through a series of surprises, exploring the imaginative prowess of a restaurant

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Demitasse at Subang Jaya: Snapshot

Tucked in a residential neighbourhood, a short stroll from rows of homes, Demitasse offers crowd-pleasing fare with a twist or three

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The Sticky Wicket at Plaza Damansara: Bar review

The Sticky Wicket features a unique selection of food and cocktails with witty links to cricket, and it turns out to be a winning destination.

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The Red Beanbag at Solaris Dutamas: New menu review

If home is where the cafe lover's heart is, RBB might feel like family to many, and it's eager to introduce six fresh-faced babies to intrigue you for a reunion

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Kenny Hills Bistro at Bukit Tunku: Restaurant review

Rice platters, pizzas and pastas, crafted with the care, commitment and consistency to keep customers coming back for more

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Sis & Co at Petaling Jaya: Restaurant review

The Kok siblings also run a wholesale pork business, so it's no surprise that the hog strives to steal the spotlight

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Artelier Coffee at Pavilion: Cafe review

Masahiro 'Masa-san' Aoki has reunited with his WA Cafe alum Rain at their new venue

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Uppercase Rooftop Bistro at Metro Hotel: Snapshot

A secret sanctuary in the sky: The rooftop bistro of Metro Hotel KL delivers a discreet hideout that dishes out

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Commoners Space at Shah Alam: Cafe review

Twenty-two-year-old Syed Asyraf wants everyone to feel at ease at his new neighbourhood cafe, even though his offerings prove far from plebeian.

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Summer at 17°C Cafe at Connaught Avenue, Cheras: Cafe review

This is a bright suburban cafe that boasts a cool vibe and smart, fun ideas on how to entice and engage customers

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Good Friends Cafe at SS15 Subang: Restaurant review

As a restaurant, Good Friends Cafe illustrates many of the characteristics of a good friend - warm and reliable, genuine and fun

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