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Katie's Stove at Hock Choon, Ampang: Restaurant review

This friendly, family-run restaurant brings a bit of Johor to KL, relying on recipes that catering veteran Khaty Ahmad inherited from her mother

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KitaKita Kafe at Bukit Damansara: Restaurant Review

From kebaya to karipap: Malaysian crafts and cuisine come together at Kita Kita, a combination of a store and cafe where customers can shop for locally produced clothing, tableware and paintings while snacking on some beloved traditional tidbits.

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Kopi XOXO & The Gorpis in Bangsar: Restaurant Review

Kopi XOXO has a nice vibe, but that's not necessarily the reason it's a crowd magnet. Sightings of beloved local actors & singers are rampant at this celebrity-run cafe

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Chicken Lah! at Kelana Jaya: Restaurant Review

Hatching this month to soon rule the fast-food roost here, a freshly laid plan by Perak's well-respected Winner's Fried Chicken franchise.

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Origin Cafe at Mayang Jaya: Restaurant Review

Here’s a look at an Asian cafe in where Malaysia's national dish shares the spotlight with the likes of Korean noodles, Chinese ginger chicken & Japanese teriyaki chicken.

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Garden To Table Private Dining at Section 14, Petaling Jaya: Restaurant Review

Sustainability forms the core of Garden To Table's philosophies - the chairs, tables & cupboards here are pre-owned, sourced from flea market or friends' homes or recycled from crates. Biodegradable detergent is used to cleanse cooking utensils & dishes, while food scraps are turned into compost for the plants.

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I Prefer Original at USJ One City Mall: Restaurant Review

For customers who prefer the original taste of Malaysian cuisine, this recently launched outlet at USJ One City Mall might well live up to its catchy name.

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KariGuys at Lucky Garden, Bangsar: Restaurant Review

KariGuys, a family-run business with roots in Pahang, recently completed its transformation from a food court stall into a full-fledged restaurant.

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Kukus Delights at Damansara Kim: Restaurant Review

Ploughing through the Klang Valley for paddy: This one's dedicated to rice enthusiasts seeking new eateries that serve nasi lemak & nasi kukus.

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Cafe Pak Abu at Telawi, Bangsar: Restaurant Review

The highlights at Cafe Pak Abu's are the cooked to order side dishes with lively flavours, spanning the likes of rendang and dendeng.

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3 Malaysian Condiments to Spice Up Your Meal

A complete meal is comparable to an award-winning movie in which the main and supporting casts all come together to

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