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3 Great Places in KL to Get Delicious Soup

Food historians tell us the history of "soup" is probably as old as the history of cooking. The act of combining

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7 Popular Malaysian Drinks in Mamak Restaurants

The invention of food and drinks in the mamak culture will astound even the most seasoned chefs in some parts of

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5 Delicious Malaysian Tea Time Snack

According to a recent study, Malaysia attracted more than two million foreign visitors in the past year. While the

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Top Five: Local Malaysian Foods You Must Try

With so many delicious and diverse foods on offer in Malaysia, it is sometimes too easy to opt for the ones that

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Malaysia's Curry Laksa

Malaysia’s seafood curry laksa was recently ranked as a ‘top ten must try dish before you die,’ by US based

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Lunch with Frederick Kho, New Chef at Golden Sands Resort Penang

Frederick Kho is the new chef at the Golden Sands Resort in Batu Ferringhi, and he brings a wealth of experience in

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Durians: More than Meets the Nose


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Tales of a Foodie in Malaysia

Evelyn is a business lady by day, a blogger by night, and recently joined the ranks of Malaysians who share their

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Penang, a Food Paradise for Vegetarians

Those of us whose are vegetarian, and people who would just like to try some super-delicious food, are in for a bit

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The Roti Canai

When it comes to food, the nation is united in their adoration for the simple yet delicious roti canai. Manveen

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Local Markets in Malaysia and Cooking at Home

It's no secret that from humble mamak's to five-star fine dining, Malaysia is a cilinary paradise. But with so many

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Old School Restaurants in the Heart of Kuala Lumpur

There are places I go, tucked away deep in Kuala Lumpur’s quiet, forgotten streets, when I need to reconnect with

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Culinary Capers - A Passion for Good, Healthy Food

If there’s any buzzword that’s overused in marketing today, it’s “passion.” It’s become a near-catchall word that’s

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Healthy Eating in Kuala Lumpur

Healthy living isn’t an overnight commitment process, it is about changing your daily habits and patterns to

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5 Fabulous Malaysian Dishes You Must Try

In temperate countries during a break in play, people often discuss the weather as it is variable and any changes

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