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Walffeine at Sea Park, PJ: Restaurant review

Walffeine, a portmanteau of waffle and caffeine pulled no punches in making waffles the star of the café.

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Group Therapy at Damansara Uptown: Snapshot

Customers can draw comfort from burgers & drown their sorrows in beer at this casual joint

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Row Cafe at Doraisamy: Restaurant Review

Row Cafe is another recent entry on the revived Doraisamy Road, though it's not a formal member of The Row's main

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New Menu & Star Wars Drinks at Flingstones Cafe, SS15 Subang: Restaurant Review

Flingstones is maturing into one of Subang's most satisfying cafes for both food & beverages; with several interesting new temptations now on the menu, this feels like the right time to return here for a well-crafted meal laced with likeable surprises.

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WhupWhup at Subang Jaya: Restaurant Review

A former factory that once churned out industrial yarn is now reincarnated as a cavernous cafe that whips up comfort fare & coffee.

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KGB Soul Food at Live House, TREC KL: Review

One of TREC's most vibrant venues opens this week: Live House is a two-level destination where bands take centre stage nightly on the ground floor while stand-up performers steal the spotlight upstairs at a comedy club called LOL.

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Mike's Burger Grill Celup at PJ Section 14: Snapshot

Five nights a week, Mike Abdul Nan plies his craft at a PJ road stall that's high in the Klang Valley's pantheon of street burger venues.

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The BBP at Bukit Utama: Snapshot

The BBP ('Big Black Pig,' according to a member of the service team, though 'Best BBQ Pit' appears to be their chosen alternative) is cosy & welcoming.

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