Five nights a week, Mike Abdul Nan plies his craft at a PJ road stall that’s high in the Klang Valley’s pantheon of street burger venues. Choose from char-broiled, kitchen-made patties constructed with chicken breast, topside of beef or lamb shoulder (each thick & meaty), then select one of Mike’s own sauces – the Kangkung Sambal Belacan has earned hall-of-fame status, with crunchy kangkung & a lip-smacking, tangy-spicy sambal dip that the patty is dunked into, best complemented by add-ons like grilled pineapple & a pan-fried egg. Other robust sauce options for the patties include cream cheese, kung pao, BBQ or black pepper, with toppings like Colby cheese, caramelised onions, sauteed mushrooms & beef or turkey bacon. A basic single-patty burger costs between RM9.50 & RM12.90, a double is RM13.50 to RM16.90, & a triple is RM16.50 to RM23.90.















Location and Contact Details

Mike’s Burger Grill Celup

Jalan 14/48 (off Jln 222), Section 14

Tel: +6012-992-1029

Generally open Monday-Friday, 6pm-12am

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  1. Bobby Andrew December 7, 2015 Subscriber

    Thanks to Mike & BFM Show I was given the opportunity to meet MIKE and taste his famous Burger. …We love his burger we tasted 4 differrent burger sauce……..We all love the burger so much especially all the sauce …the burger patty is very nice and tender not like any other grill burger I ate….We all love it so much …..After having conversation with mike while he preparing the Burger I know why his burger taste the best …The answer is His Love and passion to grill the best Burger for his customer is what we felt ….

  2. Jason Sudesan December 4, 2015 Subscriber

    Thiruchelvan Muregesu jom try

  3. Naviya Naviya December 4, 2015 Subscriber

    Sebelah mana tuuuu..?

  4. Illa Munira December 4, 2015 Subscriber

    Carie Junior

  5. Ivan Chong Sai Khong December 3, 2015 Subscriber

    Soo Yu Jian nice ah?

  6. Margo Margo December 2, 2015 Subscriber

    Alaa Abubaker

  7. Hani Hakim December 2, 2015 Subscriber

    Sharul Azwan Shariman jom

  8. Dorcus Ang December 2, 2015 Subscriber

    Sean Tee Gary Lee Colin Gan

  9. Yap Wei Joe December 2, 2015 Subscriber

    Samuel Hoe Seng

  10. Dashveenjit Kaur December 2, 2015 Subscriber

    Jesmin Pannu Saheb Singh

  11. Vicki Ng December 2, 2015 Subscriber

    Sook Yin bring me

  12. Arlenny Ahmad December 1, 2015 Subscriber

    Iskandar Rekez

  13. Joana Sim Ching December 1, 2015 Subscriber

    Paul Teng BiliBala Seng TuXoon Chook Miya Lai Mok Kar Wei Wong Kok Cheong lets try it one day

  14. E-Ken Wong December 1, 2015 Subscriber

    Opposite rWah hokkien mee 223?

  15. A Abdul Basid November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Mohamad Abdul

  16. Yamesh Singam November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Divakaran Govind Khisho Tharan Suman Rajasakeran Sanjiv Tharan

  17. Soon Yoon Teng November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Cassandra Ng Soon Yoon Fei

  18. Angah Jai Kem Cai November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    222 road pj near shell

  19. Atiqah Agusli November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Haha won’t be training tonight.

  20. Atiqah Agusli November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Riz Qin Lowen Haley Lo Zhen Wei Allison Tan

    • Riz Qin November 30, 2015 Subscriber

      Kangkung??? Hahahah I’ll try the other stuff. Malam ni jom

    • Lowen Haley Lo November 30, 2015 Subscriber

      I always pass by that place haven’t get to try.. Let’s go

  21. Shah Amirul November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Amiera Sahari

  22. Navin Nvn November 30, 2015 Subscriber

    Danesh Rao Sharma Mahendran Kathir Katir ini malam ok kar?

  23. Selven Razz November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Nicole Soyza

  24. Guran Gill November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Aswen Singh

  25. Vikram Krishnan November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Sanjev Krishnan

  26. Marina Lynn Martin November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Barry van Elst

  27. Ivy Chan November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Kenneth Cheok

  28. Mohd Azli Ramli November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    AzwarFahmi Noor Azali Naskrieg Vape Cartel

  29. KoguLan Hezký November 29, 2015 Subscriber

    Surin Kumar

  30. Chengy Tan November 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Soen Fong…. Jom

  31. Cynthia Su November 28, 2015 Subscriber

    John Ong…you buat I craving la…masih pantang,….how to eat

  32. John Ong November 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Germaine Teh June Choy Wui Fum Isaac Wong Joanne Lee MeI YEn Lucas Lee Kreuz Tan Cynthia Su

  33. Corgan Sow Yoong Wai November 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Chia-Chien Goh

  34. Edna Safawi-Lawrence November 28, 2015 Subscriber

    Manuel Lawrence Wilson Chin y we never try.. padahal nearby..

  35. Valerie Melling November 27, 2015 Subscriber

    Which part of sec 14?

  36. Michele Maxine David November 27, 2015 Subscriber

    Nahvin Chinaya

  37. Asha Devi Alangovan November 27, 2015 Subscriber

    Lechumy Nalliah

  38. Anilah Rajagopal November 26, 2015 Subscriber

    Preshand Raj Ashwini Adeivets

  39. Nina Nadia November 24, 2015 Subscriber

    Mohamad Izzat Mohamad

  40. Azlan Bin Mohamed November 23, 2015 Subscriber

    Can the cook be any more hipsterish….

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