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The Cafe Chicken at Desa Sri Hartamas: Snapshot

The Cafe Chicken (spearheaded by a Korean couple) seems perfect for those midnight munchies, promising poultry as the Koreans do it.

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The Banker's Draught at Desa Sri Hartamas : Snapshot

Desa Sri Hartamas' latest pub debuts with tasty Southeast Asian temptations that we scarcely see in KL's watering

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Pepelicious at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

This review is brought to you in part by Pepelicious. If you frequently drive around Desa Sri Hartamas, you've

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The Filling Station at Desa Sri Hartamas: Cafe review

The Filling Station is fuelled by a cool concept - a full-fledged cafe with a surprisingly ambitious menu inside a petrol station.

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Eatalia at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

Pastas, pizzas and more: Eatalia tackles the crowd-pleasing classics with a casual confidence, cultivating a reputation as a friendly neighbourhood destination for fuss-free Italian fare at fair prices.

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Hikari-Ya at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

This new venue serves unagi sourced from Japan's coastal city of Nishio, where eels have been farmed for over a century, conveying the flavours and textures of unagi at its most unadulterated

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Kitsuzo Izakaya at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

This Japanese gastropub has maintained a discreet presence in Desa Sri Hartamas since opening this year, but it might be worth exploring for some tempting dishes.

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Tinto at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant review

There's cause for celebration whenever a Spanish restaurant opens in KL, especially one that does justice to the tasty traditions of tapas, paella, cheese and wine

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12 restaurants for small plates and tapas in KL and Selangor

Small plates are getting big in the Klang Valley – here are 12 restaurants for contemporary tapas with cross-border

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12 Japanese restaurants for omakase meals in KL and Selangor

Go off the menu and leave your meal entirely in the hands of these maestros of Japanese cuisine, who prepare set lunches and dinners according to what's fresh and seasonal, with twists that illustrate innovative surprises.

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Hoopla at Desa Sri Hartamas: Snapshot

Hoopla may well be one of Hartamas' most elegantly bedecked restaurants, endowed with an imaginative menu of snacks for sharing

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20 brunch spots to try in KL and Selangor

If you're looking for something nourishing to start your busy Saturday day off right; or a satisfying meal to take the edge of a Sunday morning - there's nothing better than a brunch, Here, we've gathered some top picks for you to get brunch munch on in the Klang Valley.

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12 creative sriracha-spiked dishes to try at restaurants in KL and Selangor

Sriracha, the delicious hot sauce popular in Vietnamese and Thai cooking, has become a go-to condiment to raise the heat for a multitude of dishes, both classic and contemporary

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15 Chinese New Year temptations to try at restaurants in KL and Selangor, 2016

Restaurants across the Klang Valley are welcoming the Year Of The Monkey with playful twists on familiar festive favourites. Here's our rundown of 15 places for you to try this CNY.

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