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Flower Girl Coffee at Sunway Geo Avenue: Snapshot

Springtime has come for restaurant enthusiasts at Sunway Geo Avenue, where many new eateries have sprouted recently.

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Athanor, Sunway University: Restaurant review

Calling Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad: This month, an enterprising band of first-year students at Sunway University staged their own interpretation of Arabian Nights in Athanor, the campus' excellent restaurant.

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The Beer Factory Express at Sunway Geo Avenue: Restaurant review

The Beer Factory Express puts more power into customers' hands, promising you an enjoyably speedy, app-driven ordering process with some special benefits to boot.

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Christine's at Sunway Geo Avenue: Cafe review

It's clear that Christine's is committed to its craft, with a team of bakers who take inspiration from fine-tuned European and Asian influences.

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Food by Fat Cat at Jaya Grocer, Sunway Geo Avenue: Snapshot

The big dogs are romping into Sunway Geo Avenue: Food by Fat Cat feels purr-fect for a cheerful lunch, marking a

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Gather By Will: GBW Grill Bar at Sunway Geo: Restaurant review

Where there's a Will: This playful new watering hole, which boasts a cool cartoon fox named Will for its mascot, specialises in smoky skewers with a twist or two

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PJ Petai Mee at Rock Cafe, Bandar Sunway: Snapshot

Stink bean lovers, unite: PJ Petai Mee, a stall inside Bandar Sunway's Rock Cafe kopitiam space, pays homage to our cherished parkia speciosa

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Cave Art Lounge at Sunway GEO Avenue: Snapshot

Cave Art Lounge offers a nightly all-you-can-guzzle selection of more than 10 wines.

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Ăn Viet at Sunway PyramidL Restaurant Review

It’s all in the name. Ăn Viet - or “Eat Viet” - is meant to encourage patrons not merely to eat their food, but to consume it thoroughly and curb wastage.

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Fullhouse at Sunway Pyramid: Restaurant review

Stepping into Fullhouse is akin to walking into a wonderland for the young at heart, especially for customers who love dollhouses

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Rasai Machan Sri Lankan Food at Monash University: Food-stall review

The soulful secrets of Sri Lankan cooking are waiting to be unearthed at an unlikely location, inside the students'

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Saint Marc Cafe Malaysia in Sunway Pyramid: Cafe review

Saint Marc Cafe has a history that dates back decades, showcasing the Japanese passion for unique desserts.

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Rak Thai at Ridzuan Condominium, Bandar Sunway: Snapshot

Thai street food tucked in a Sunway condo: Rak Thai takes a deep dive into a sea of classics, from rice noodles

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