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Juice D Fruitz at Setiawalk: Restaurant Review

Setiawalk's Juice D' Fruitz features no fewer than 32 cold-pressed combos, with components that range from beetroot to broccoli to bananas & blueberries, grapefruit to guava to ginger & garlic (!)

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Porcupine Place at Setiawalk, Puchong: Restaurant Review

Many thanks to reader Brendan Chan for tipping us off to Porcupine Place, a cheerful venue with a young, graciously welcoming service team that keeps the mood bright & light. Expect to hear more about Porcupine Place in the months ahead; for us, it was well worth travelling to Puchong for.

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Houz Warming at Puchong: Restaurant Review

Comfort cooking from the country's north and south is carving out a central presence in Puchong's new Houz Warming restaurant.

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Review: Hau Gang at Puchong

Seeking Chinese eateries that refrain from charging extravagant prices for this festive fortnight, we hopped over

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The White Fly: Restaurant Review

The White Fly's catchphrase sums it up: "Italian coffee, made by Italians, Italian-style." Based in Setiawalk, the cafe is creatively-decorated & peaceful.

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