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Completely Bangers... And So Much More!

I don't know how it is for you, but for me, when someone mentions sausages, my taste buds start to dance and I need

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Kenny Hills Bistro at Bukit Tunku: Restaurant review

Rice platters, pizzas and pastas, crafted with the care, commitment and consistency to keep customers coming back for more

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Uppercase Rooftop Bistro at Metro Hotel: Snapshot

A secret sanctuary in the sky: The rooftop bistro of Metro Hotel KL delivers a discreet hideout that dishes out

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Vibes Bistro at Utropolis Marketplace: Snapshot

Vibes serves conventionally familiar fare to satiate the lunchtime crowds at Glenmarie's new Utropolis Marketplace

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On Line Pub at Damansara Kim: Snapshot

This neighbourhood hangout has long dabbled in dietician-defying delights

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Le Bistro 33 at Subang Jaya: Restaurant review

This French-helmed venue seeks to bring a bit of Europe to Subang, combining boulangerie fare with basic bistro-style cuisine

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Two Ox at The Row: Restaurant Preview

Two Ox bulldozes its way into The Row, opening today amid Doraisamy Road's current revitalisation; this new French bistro is founded by the folks behind KL's Maison Francaise, offering Chef Thierry Le Baut's traditional favourites in a carefree setting.

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