Kuala Lumpur

6. MekSiam-min
June 4, 2017 |
Thai noodle and rice platters make up the menu at Meksiam – have the former salad-style, with kerabu or som tam, while the latter might be fried up with belacan and soy sauce chicken, conveying the tangy, tongue-tingling dynamics that are the hallmark of Thai cooking.
May 19, 2017 |
Speciality tea sometimes seems to take a backseat to coffee & boba milk varieties in Malaysia, but Patrick Wong & Trevor Chung have made it their mission to help change that.
6. Pahit-min
May 16, 2017 |
Take the bitter(s) with the sweet: KL’s Ginaissance hits a high with this new watering hole dedicated to the joys of juniper – Pahit takes over the bar space of Sekeping Sin Chew Kee, the rustic guesthouse on a row of forgotten-by-time homes whose history stretches back to the 1920s.
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