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1974 Bar and Restaurant at Damansara City Mall: Snapshot

Comfortably snuggled in Damansara City Mall, 1974 Bar and Restaurant serves Korean-inspired bar bites like Korean fried chicken and a Bulgogi burger.

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Symphony by Chef Jo at Damansara City Mall: Restaurant review

Symphony by Chef Jo orchestrates plenty of risk-taking twists in its repertoire, with respected maestro Mohd Johari Edrus (a former MasterChef Malaysia juror) conducting this culinary choir.

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BilaBa at DC Mall, Damansara City: Snapshot

BilaBa is the sister outlet of Bangsar's LoKhaba; service is equally enthusiastic and welcoming, making BilaBa a potential favourite for workers in Damansara Heights seeking a casual new hangout destination.

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Modern Society at DC Mall: Restaurant review

True to its name, Modern Society strives to carve a contemporary edge in everything from its design to its dishes

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The Mockingbird at DC Mall, Damansara City: Snapshot

The Mockingbird's name is a nod to Harper Lee's classic novel of courthouse justice, linking up with outlet founder Elaine Zarina Lamb's legal background.

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