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Top Cafes to Get Your Caffeine Fix!

This post was written by EatDrink Brand Ambassador Chia Hui Tzi.  It is undeniable that the third-wave coffee

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Italian Cuisine, the Halal Way with Positano Risto: Snapshot

Deriving the quintessential coastal beauty of the Italian harbour town, Positano Risto aims to bring authentic

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Cabana Acai Bar, Publika: Snapshot

If you have yet to venture into the wonderful world of acai, smoothies, and healthy cold treats, Cabana Acai Bar is a pretty good place to start.

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Deuce KL, Solaris Dutamas: Restaurant Review

With a portfolio that includes being Sous Chef at The Tippling Club, Singapore, expect nothing but delicious creativity from Deuce KL’s head chef Hun Yan.

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Sticks and Sake: Yakitori Places in KL and Selangor

What's not to love about grilled meat on sticks and sake? These yakitori places in KL and Selangor have fun food, good drinks deals, and lively atmospheres.

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5 Inviting Reasons to Look For Deuce KL

Hidden gems are called that for a reason; here's five good ones to go looking for Deuce KL in the mystery that is Solaris Dutamas.

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4Play Seafood and Co.: Snapshot

This new seafood restaurant in Solaris Dutamas serves up the usual favourites with their very own twist of Malaysian flavours.

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Mandala Cafe and Bar at Solaris Dutamas: Restaurant Review

Combining comfort and calm... Solaris Dutamas' new Mandala celebrates the passions of its founder Kelly Lau, whose

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Deuce at Solaris Dutamas: Restaurant review

Deuce takes over from Solaris Dutamas' Coquo, whose chef Toni Valero has moved to Singapore after four years in Malaysia with a stint that started at The Intermark's Ohla Tapas.

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The Hotpot at Solaris Dutamas: Restaurant review

Bringing together a persuasive mix of Chinese hotpot favourites and Japanese sake, The Hotpot is one of Solaris Dutamas’ intriguing new dining destinations

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The Social & Forno at Publika: Restaurant review

The kitchen is capable of whipping up over 80 dishes, spanning East and West, encompassing unique recipes as well as familiar staples.

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Woodfire pizzas at Forno @ The Social, Publika

Head over to Forno @ The Social in Publika to get yourself a slice or two or three of Italian joy!

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Sushi Kinmedai at Solaris Dutamas: Restaurant review

Sushi Kinmedai heralds the first KL offshoot of a family of restaurants that includes Tokyo's Roppongi Taira,

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Masakan Warisan: Dalca Malaysia at Solaris Dutamas: Snapshot

This pop-up stall dishes out its own fuss-free interpretation of Penang's nasi dalca

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