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Penang's Burgeoning Food Truck Scene

Penang's hawker food heritage have earned the island its stamp of authenticity when it comes to eating out. The

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GinRum.Me 2 Takes Over Jaya One in July

If you were recently at WhiskyPLUS, the country's biggest whisky and spirits tasting event, and want the good times

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The Mothership Food Truck: Snapshot

Fear not! The invaders come in peace, bearing their own interpretations of hot dogs and sandwiches

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Sundaydo Cake Truck: Food truck review

This cake truck is irresistible to kids and adults alike, luring flocks of customers with freshly baked temptations

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The Food Yard at Kuala Lumpur: Snapshot

A collective of food trucks, converging in their own haven in the city centre, with hardworking crews that entice

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Oishii Onigiri: Food truck review

Roaming Damansara Heights, Ampang, Petaling Jaya and beyond, this Japanese food truck offers everything from

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Laksa Beras Food Truck: Snapshot

Scratch that itch for a lightly tangy, aromatic assam laksa, served fresh and hot

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Mellow Yellow: Food truck review

Mellow Yellow has the potential to become a food truck worth chasing - promising something a bit different from the Klang Valley's other food trucks: Stews from around the world.

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20 recommended foodtrucks in Klang Valley

For us city folks, food on the go is a blessing and food trucks are parked at every nook and cranny in the city, ready to serve

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Leong Hup and Long Kee: Food truck snapshot

These are two roast duck trucks that operate barely 100 metres from each other on OUG's Jalan Awan Besar

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Cowboys Food Truck at SS15 Subang Jaya, Jaya One and More: Food Truck Review

Barnstorming the Klang Valley's food truck rodeo, Cowboys seems set to ride high with a lip-smacking selection of southern American cooking that'll easily lasso a stampede of customers from across Subang, Petaling Jaya and beyond.

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