With robust crowds for mealtimes in Mid Valley, Grand Harbour has become one of this mall’s solid bets for Chinese cuisine. Two new promotions – set meal packages & mid-autumn mooncakes – currently supply a strong introduction to this restaurant.


Check out the Sets

If you’re visiting with family or friends, check out the sets, constructed for groups of 3-4 patrons (RM100 nett or RM140 nett) or 5-6 (RM150 nett or RM210 nett). We tried the fairly priced RM150 set, which comprises a hearty collection of seven dishes (served with Chinese tea) – it’s a fun showcase of Grand Harbour’s wide-ranging capabilities, boasting a bit of dim sum (juicy ‘har gao’ shrimp dumplings) & a lot of meat (flavoursome roasted crispy duck & fragrant Hakka-inspired steamed chicken).




The set also includes encouragingly tender vegetables cooked in claypot with shrimp paste, bitter gourd broth boiled with lean pork, meatballs & salted vegetables (our favourite – it’s the taste of home, in the most positive sense), delicious fried glass noodles, & water chestnut cakes. The other sets on Grand Harbour’s menu include the likes of siu mai, lor bak, char siu, Cantonese fried kuey teow with sliced beef, steamed fish fillet with bean curd & chillies, & even fried yee mee with assorted mushrooms & truffle oil; the sets are all available throughout business hours, only at Grand Harbour’s Mid Valley outpost.





Mooncake Season

With mooncake season now upon us, Grand Harbour is in on the action, emphasising classic traditional flavours, expertly executed – you’ll find a dozen varieties, including a unique Sakura Chrysanthemum (RM18.80 per piece, RM75.20 a box) that’s intriguingly aromatic with floral & tea nuances, as well a delicate Snow Skin Yam Paste (RM16.80 per piece, RM67.20 a box).



Our favourite mooncake here is probably the Shanghai Single Yolk (R17.80 per piece, RM71.20 a box), encased in relatively thin, buttery-flaky skin that beautifully complements the filling. Other options include White Lotus Double Yolk, Fruit Nut Mixture & Snow Skin Red Bean; these mooncakes are now available at both Grand Harbour in Mid Valley & Fahrenheit 88, & will be sold at Mid Valley’s annual mooncake fair next month too. Many thanks to the Grand Harbour team for having us here.




Location and Contact Details

Grand Harbour

GE-017, Ground External Floor, Mid Valley Megamall

Tel: +03-2283-3398

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