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Here’s one woman who knows how to throw a dinner party: Self-taught baker Lex Subramaniam, who may someday become legendary for her “Ultra Fudge Brownies,” has started a supper club, whipping up mouthwatering meals for new and old friends. Lex has corralled fellow foodies for two bashes so far, in April and May. Her choice of cuisine changes every month: For her first foray, she spiced up the night for 15 guests with an Indian blowout of pani puri, chicken dansak, chickpea masala and more.Lexy's Secret Service_2

A French-Flavoured Affair

We enrolled for her latest May 30 soiree, a French-flavored affair where a dozen starving souls, most of them strangers to one another, timorously entered an unexpected but inspired locale: Sentul’s beautiful FHL Sports biking store.Lexy's Secret Service_3

Straight from the Oven

Embark on this excellent eating expedition by snacking on straight-from-the-oven madeleines and sipping rum-prosecco cocktails nearly as effervescent as our hostess.Lexy's Secret Service_4

Prepared from Scratch

Lex lovingly prepares each course from scratch, starting with the sharing platter of blinis and crackers, to be crowned with creme fraiche and ribbons of smoked salmon.Lexy's Secret Service_5

Pork-Themes Extravaganze in the Pipeline?

Pulled pork with BBQ sauce, a portent of what Lex’s future fans can await: Her next supper club, likely later this month, might be a pork-themed extravaganza.Lexy's Secret Service_6

The Seasoned Star of this Recent Show

Poulet aux 40 Gousses d’Ail, a Provencal fowl favorite, country-style chicken slow-roasted with no fewer than forty cloves of garlic, then carved out for tender eating. Seconds (maybe even thirds) can be ready on request. Lexy's Secret Service_7


Lex’s thoughtful selection includes sides of mashed pumpkin with a surprising secret within (luscious pork bacon!) and a cherry tomato salad of brisk, bracing flavors.Lexy's Secret Service_8

Follow Lexy

Follow Lexy at www.facebook.com/lexysfoodservice for information on her future events. Each feast thus far has been priced at RM65 per person.Lexy's Secret Service_9

Apple Tart

An apple tart with Granny Smiths and Lex-made compote, wrapping up this hearty meal. Everyone left with extremely stuffed stomachs, much appreciation for a generous hostess and pleasant memories of dinner table conversation that explored everything from manscaping for cyclists to the memoirs of a Japanese cannibal.Lexy's Secret Service_10


Bring booze if it’s wanted, but be warned: after three hours of bubbly-imbibing and merry-making, some might not be able to stagger sanely out of this supper club.Lexy's Secret Service_11Lexy's Secret Service_12

Location Details:

Lexy’s Secret Service Supper Club,

FHL Sports, G-7, Bangunan Perdagangan D-6, 801, Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Find Lexy’s Secret Service Supper Club’s directory listing here.

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