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Handmade Puddings

Chilled handmade pudding at its softest and smoothest, now available at select cafes, crafted by Eugene and Emrys, who both studied the art of pastry-making in Tokyo.

The Flavours

Sweet Montage showcases nine flavors, including Gula Melaka with sea salt and caramel sauce, French Vanilla made with natural Madagascar Bourbon and Tahitian bean pods …Sweet Montage_2

… Horlicks with Belgian dark chocolate ganache, Mango with fresh fruit and coulis, plus Teh Tarik with black tea leaves and infused ginger. Sweet Montage_3

Our favorites might be the Salted Gula Melaka and the Horlicks, both luscious. Other varieties: Pandan, Strawberry, Cendol and Chocolate-Banana.

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About RM8 each; eaten cold, the ideal refreshment for heat-haters on steamy afternoons.Sweet Montage_5

Where to Buy

Pursue the pudding at these five places: Setiawalk Puchong’s Tipsy Brew O’Coffee, Bukit Damansara’s Mollydookers, Bangsar Shopping Centre’s Tea Republic…Sweet Montage_6

… plus Pickle and Fig as well as Artisan Roast, both in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Sweet Montage_7

Bonus sweets stop to wrap up this entry: Delectable desserts at Medan Damansara’s La Risata. Sweet Montage_8

Zucotta dome cake filled with vanilla and choc ice cream and almond and hazelnut bits.Sweet Montage_9

Torta di parmigiana, sweet-savory cheesecake with distinct notes of parmesan.Sweet Montage_10


Sweet Montage Handmade Puddings


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