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Tree 15 at Bandar Sri Damansara: Cafe review

Tree 15's founders have a mission to carve out a secret hideaway, where time slows down and the tumult of the world recedes for awhile.

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Aka Café at Taman Desa: Café Review

Helmed by Malaysian mother-&-wife team Amanda & Aika, this new hidden cafe offers a slice of cosy calm in Taman Desa, with a selection of Japanese snacks & fusion fare inspired by Amanda's years of living in Tokyo; expect everything from onigiri & inari sushi to ebi fry with curry rice & chicken katsu with toasted bread, with most servings costing between RM6 & RM20.

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PS150 at Petaling Street, Chinatown: Bar Review

This intensely atmospheric bar is poised to be one of 2016's most popular caverns of cocktails, lit with crimson lanterns & neon calligraphy that translates into Petaling Street's Cantonese name, evoking some ethereal scene from a Wong Kar-wai movie.

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Vanilla Sky at G Village, Desa Pandan: Restaurant Review

If you're looking for a calm, beautiful hideout for lunch or dinner, Vanilla Sky is a solid bet, since it's secluded & remains undiscovered by the crowds.

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Bean Reserve at The Co., Bangsar: Restaurant Review

Fort Knox can keep its bullions - Bangsar's new Bean Reserve aims to mine KL's current affection for cafes by beguiling customers with a bounty of luxurious soft-serves, loaded sandwiches & luscious coffee that's touted to be as 'good as gold.'

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P&C Cocktail Bar at Desa Sri Hartamas: Restaurant Review

KL's newest speakeasy-style cocktail bar is an intimate hideout that strives to evoke the spirit of Prohibition-era America, complete with wanted posters of Al Capone and U.S. newspaper clippings that hark back to nearly a century ago.

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M Cafe by Meesha Sukira at Plaza Damansara: Restaurant Review

Fashion and food are woven together with flair at Bukit Damansara's M Cafe, a culinary spin-off of batik house Meesha Sukira.

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Lorem Ipsum at Bangkung, Bangsar: Restaurant Review

Meet Bangsar's newest hidden cafe, helmed by Lynette, Christopher and a band of their fellow advertising executives whose 'brewing-and-jamming' concept space seems set to spark substantial word-of-mouth.

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