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Fiskee Dough at Empire Damansara: Cafe review

Say hello to gela-dough: Fiskee Dough's signature temptation is a warm, crisp doughnut topped with gelato-inspired

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Nippori at Empire Damansara: Cafe review

Calling itself a Japanese home cooking cafe, Nippori seeks to kindle the spirit of family-made meals served fresh from the kitchen

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Koru Cafe at Empire Damansara: Cafe review

Koru Cafe offers a tranquil escape from the rest of Empire Damansara, with a soothingly understated decor that features a few witty nods to the Kiwis.

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15 Thai restaurants to try in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Malaysia's northern neighbour has seen its cuisine skyrocket in global popularity in the last few years. So it would only be logical to see some great places to get tom yum, pad thai and the like here in Malaysia - they do share a lot of ingredients and a geographic border, after all.

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Bulletproof Coffee at Bungkus, Empire Damansara: Snapshot

Bulletproof coffee is not on Bungkus' official menu, but this is one of the few venues in the Klang Valley that will help prepare it by request

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Lobbee Thai Connection at Empire Damansara: Restaurant Review

Tucked on a secluded corner of Empire Damansara, this casual restaurant whips up fun fare to tempt fans of Thai flavours.

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2015 Revisit: Seven Cups at Empire Damansara: Restaurant Review

It's been nearly 18 months since we first visited Seven Cups in October 2013, back when Empire Damansara was empty, before this complex became a bustling building of cafes and boat noodles.

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