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Leng Leng Pork Noodles at Bukit Jalil: Snapshot

Pork noodle lovers, this one's dedicated to you: Have your favourite dish customised here precisely to your preference

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Bowls Donburi Dining at Bukit Jalil: Snapshot

No fewer than 18 donburi recipes are offered here - Japanese rice-bowl classics, from tendon to unadon, gyudon to chicken katsu don

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New Chapter by The Owls Café at Bukit Jalil: Cafe review

This venue is an extension of the The Owls Café and manages to live up to its original counterpart’s reputation of serving good grub.

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Go-Getter Cafe at Bukit Jalil: Restaurant Review

Go-Getter Cafe goes all-out to get its customers in a feel-good mood, with a menu that's designed to be energetically distinctive & a setting that's bright & buoyant.

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Fishee Coffee at Bukit Jalil: Restaurant Review

Fishee Coffee is a fun cafe, filled with friendly vibes in a cheerfully colourful setting that's a bolt-hole for student-age patrons.

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2015 Revisit: The Owls Cafe at Bukit Jalil: Restaurant Review

We previously explored The Owls Cafe in October 2014. Since then, this has become a cheerful neighbourhood favourite, thanks to its welcoming setting and even more welcoming crew.

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