1. Folger Phobia

Fearless barista Terrence Goh honed his craft at PJ’s Artisan Roast & Butter + Beans before launching this new caffeine bar, with a Limey-themed setting that’s befits its lobby-level location at the Malaysian complex of the UK-based Standard Chartered’s technology services centre.

1 Folger Phobia

But the 23-year-old hopes to serve not only this building’s office workers but also anyone who’s driving to KL from the city’s southern outskirts; Wisma Scope International is an easy detour off the North-South Expressway (turn left immediately before the Shell & Petronas stations, 250 metres before the exit to Sri Petaling & Sunway).

2 Folger Phobia

Seems like ‘folgerphobia’ is a real word, but only barely; the Internet seems divided about whether it means feeling panicked at the thought of having coffee or not having any coffee. Either way, Folgerphobia provides a nice, long manifesto for customers to browse before their coffee is ready.

3 Folger Phobia


Everything about the coffee is carefully calibrated; Goh succeeds in being the elusive sort of barista who’s both very friendly (chatting easily & warmly with customers) & very serious (hearing out feedback on whether the coffee meets expectations).

4 Folger Phobia

Carrot Cake

Goh recommends the carrot cake; a heftier-than-expected chunk (two should share this), filled with juicy bits of fruits & nuts.

5 Folger Phobia

Location and Operating Hours of Folger Phobia


Wisma Scope International, Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur

Mon-Fri, 730am-730pm

View Folger Phobia’s directory page here.

2. Epique

Looking for more places to drink coffee & devour cakes? Not a problem: Our next destination, Epique Coffee Company at Damansara Perdana’s Empire Damansara, is here to please.

1 Epique


Epique serves not only regular ol’ lattes but also Milo & Horlicks lattes (RM7 each) for our inner child (plus a Milo affogato too).

2 Epique

Cheesecakes & Cupcakes

Mini salted cheesecakes (RM2) & Hokkaido chiffon cupcakes (RM8), Epique’s got ’em.

3 Epique

4 Epique

Location and Operating Hours of Epique

Epique Coffee Company

Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana

Tue-Thurs, 1030am-830pm; Fri-Sun, 1030am-930pm

View Epique’s directory page here.

3. TNT Coffee

One more for the road: TNT Coffee & Cafe, another office-block java joint, this one at Petaling Jaya landmark Menara Amfirst, pretty close to the likes of Kanna Curry House.

1 TNT Coffee


TNT’s coffee sticks to the basics; maybe the more enticing order here is the chocolate ice-blended with Nutella.

2 TNT Coffee


& Fruit Smoothie

Simple chicken-&-tomato sandwiches (only RM4 with a beverage purchase) for a harried cubicle slave’s lunch; Little Tee Cakes are available here too (hurray, peanut butter chocolate & hazelnut), as well as chicken pies, scones …

3 TNT Coffee

… & Crush fruit smoothies (jackfruit fans, consider yourselves notified).

4 TNT Coffee

Location and Operating Hours of TNT Coffee

TNT Coffee & Cafe

Menara Amfirst, Jalan 19/3, Petaling Jaya

Mon-Fri, 830am-630pm

View TNT Coffee’s directory page here.

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