This month, the residents of Bukit Jalil will welcome a new cafe in the area: The Owls Cafe.


To Open Later this Month

The Owls Cafe is slated to soft-open in Bukit Jalil sometime on the week of Aug. 25; its distinctively & alluringly colourful wall should soon be splashed across hundreds of social media images. The Owls Cafe looks more like someone’s beloved hideout.


Why Owls?

Why owls? Well, similar to these nocturnal birds, co-owners Thomas & Dennis – who’ll run this cafe with help from Thomas’ sister & girlfriend – are supposed to be most wide-awake at night too (we empathise!).


Could Become a Favourite Retreat for Many

The Owls Cafe is very much unfinished this week, with more furnishing to come. But even now, it seems like the kind of place that could easily & deservedly become a favourite retreat for many. Thomas (formerly a member of The Mad Alchemy) is one of the most genuinely friendly cafe owners around, & his place feels like home.


Pastries & Home-Baked Cakes will be Available

Once The Owls Cafe opens later this month, pastries & home-baked cakes will be available, with slightly more ambitious fare – waffles with poached eggs, perhaps – expected in September or October.


Thumper Espresso Blend

The Owls Cafe is still experimenting with its beans. Thomas was kind enough to let us try a taste of the Thumper espresso blend from Singapore’s Smitten Coffee & Tea Bar.


It’s comforting to imagine coming away for an hour or two at The Owls Cafe, where Norah Jones floats soothingly out of the speakers on a weekday evening. Whether or not you’re living nearby, make a coffee date in the weeks ahead with The Owls Cafe.



Location and Contact Details

The Owls Cafe

12-1, First Floor, Block 5, Jalil Link, Jalan Jalil 6, Bukit Jalil

Find: The Owls Cafe’s directory listing here.


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