Leng Leng Pork Noodles at Bukit Jalil: Snapshot

Pork noodle lovers, this one’s dedicated to you: Have your favourite dish customised here precisely to your preference – first, choose whether you want basic pork noodles (RM6.90) or tomato pork noodles (RM6.90) or pork stomach noodles with salted vegetables (RM7.90), soupy or dry. Then, select your type of noodles – loh shu fun, mee hoon, yee mee, kuay teow, mee sua, or even Maggi instant noodles.






Each serving comes with plenty of pork, but if you want even more, add-ons are available – minced meat, sliced pork, liver, intestines, kidney, meatballs, lard, prawns, cuttlefish and egg (RM1 to RM3 per add-on). All in all, Leng Leng hits the spot for MSG-free pork noodles; each bowl brims with fresh, tender meat and offal in a potently sweet broth.



Location & Details

Addres: Jalan Jalil Jaya 1, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Open 8am-830pm.
Find: View directory for Leng Leng Pork Noodles here.

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  1. Michelle Ku January 7, 2017 Subscriber

    Quah Saw Lan- this is near you.

  2. Junn Tan January 7, 2017 Subscriber

    JunGuang Yeo Katherine Wong SN jom

  3. Jun Ong January 6, 2017 Subscriber

    Winnie Leng

  4. Chrismine Chua January 6, 2017 Subscriber

    Joey Woo

  5. Prince Hau January 6, 2017 Subscriber

    Quiz Live Celine Lim

  6. S.T. Chong January 6, 2017 Subscriber

    Esther at this time, I really should stop following all these posts…

    • Esther Yim January 6, 2017 Subscriber

      Wakakaka… especially when u see it at late night… that’s torturing ?

  7. Jess Tan January 6, 2017 Subscriber

    There’s a famous pork noodle near ur house… Joyce Tan Cuba and let me know if it’s good pls

  8. Candice Yeo January 6, 2017 Subscriber

    David Ong hehehehhehehe

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