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5 Malaysian Treats You Can Make At Home

There is no time of day in Malaysia when a snack is not available. Dim Sum shops open as early as 6 a.m., Nasi

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Interesting Christmas Dinners from Around the World

What springs to mind as soon as we say Christmas dinner? A roast, sides of mash potato and bread rolls, a plate

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21 Venues for Chocolate Temptations in KL and Selangor

Check out these 21 places in KL and Selangor to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

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Pizza People: 6 Ways to Savour a Slice of Pizza

Just when you're about to sink your teeth into a deliciously cheesy slice of pizza, have you ever thought about the best way to savour it?

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4 Authentically Thai Places in Bandar Menjalara and Kepong

Here are some places to check out in Kepong and Bandar Menjalara that do not disappoint.

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All Fur Puppy Love: 4 Dog Cafes to Cheer Up Your Day

Craving for a little puppy love? Check out some of these cafes!

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For the Love of Football: Where to Watch World Cup 2018

Not sure of where to watch the World Cup? Here is a list of places that aren’t only showing the games, but have special promotions as well!

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More Than Just Coffee: 5 Cafes With A Meal

These cafes offer a lot more than just coffee and desserts, with a variety of food to choose from.

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7 Places to Find Craft Beers from Around the World in KL & Selangor

This ones for all the beer fans out there who want to try their taste buds on some craft beers from around the world.

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8 Food Delivery Services for Buka Puasa this Ramadan

Ramadan is upon us and with that comes a few shifts in mindset, behaviours, and eating patterns. Not forgetting

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16 new restaurants, cafes & bars to visit in KL & Selangor, June 2017

Cocktail on tap, single-origin chocolate, Bornean fare and more. 1. The Dark Gallery, Cheras The Dark Gallery

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11 Ramadan Buffets to Check Out This Season in KL and Selangor

The holy month of Ramadan is an auspicious month for the Muslims. It’s a time for self-reflection as the Muslim

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10 interesting, themed bars in KL and Selangor

From the middle ages to the Caribbean jungle, these theme bars and lounges are great for a fun-filled night out.

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