More Than Just Coffee: 5 Cafes With A Meal

Most of the time, when someone mentions the word “cafe”, coffee, tea, and desserts come to mind. But now, cafes have started offering a lot more than that, with a variety of food to choose from. Here’s a list of cafes that put as much effort into serving up a meal as they do with making a good cuppa joe.

1. Japanese fusion at Zen and Co.


Sink into some Japanese favourites here, including desserts and beverages. Predominantly Japanese foods, Zen and Co manages to come up with a fusion menu, incorporating local and Western influences in their dishes.

2. Malaysian fusion at Geographer Cafe Kuala Lumpur


With a menu that offers Malaysian-Western fusion dishes, The Geographer is another option if you’re looking for a wholesome meal with a side of coffee and desserts. The place has an inviting and comfortable ambiance too, taking heed from its namesake in Melaka’s Jonker Street.

3. Brunch delights at Playground Coffeery

7. Playground Coffeery-min

If you’re looking for a place to indulge in brunch staples and favourites, this is the place to go. While Playground Coffeery is known for its cosy book-reading ambiance, their menu is rather extensive, so you won’t have to go hungry while indulging in a good book!

4. Filipino cuisine at CalleVerde Cafe


Craving for some Pinoy delights? Then this is the place for you. While they do offer western favourites, their Filipino dishes are a highlight here, not forgetting their desserts too. CalleVerde has also cultivated a reputation for being one of the Klang Valley’s premier venues for a full-blown Filipino feast.

5. All-day brunch at Three Journey Cafe


The highlight of Three Journey Cafe definitely lies in their sweet treats but they do offer a range of dishes for those who prefer a savory take instead. From Cajun-spiced chicken fingers to open sandwiches, they sum up a good brunch pretty well.

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