Seven’s luckier than ever: Replacing Ascott’s 7atenine, Tujo heralds a triumphant revamp of this venue, now branded a “bar-serrie” where customers can “eat, play and live.”

It’s been seven years since 7atenine first became a landmark in the city’s nerve center; this space has since seen multiple face-lifts, but this name change and refurbishment constitute the sleekest polishing so far of the Soul Society Group’s crown jewel.Tujo_2

Lit with Modo chandeliers, Tujo looks impressively even lovelier than 7atenine, thanks to the prowess of Poole Associates, which says that simple-but-stylish Danish designs of the 1960s inspired this vision of a comfortable metropolitan hangout. Tujo_3


Tujo’s cuisine forges further with the East-meets-West playful flamboyance for which 7atenine became beloved. Patrons will have plenty of fun sharing this Chicken “Stinger” Satay, partnered with pineapple salsa, nuts and spicy shrimp paste for a sauce reminiscent of rojak.Tujo_4


Venison rolls (RM28++), a perilously addictive snack featuring minced deer meat marinated in fiery Indian spices and wrapped up in warm, fresh chapati bread.Tujo_5


Tujo’s mushroom soup (RM18++) purees seven types of edible fungi, including enoki, shimeji, shiitake, oyster and button, topped with hot milk froth. Tujo_6


Liver terrine (RM23++), a fine, flavorsome blend of foie gras and chicken liver, mixed with sultanas and chives to impart extra texture.Tujo_7


Tujo’s pizzas boast a twist: the crispy-thin crust is infused with either spinach or squid ink, then topped with the likes of more spinach and the runniest of eggs (RM25++).Tujo_8

Classic French Stew

Beef bourguignon (RM30++), an aromatic stew with braised grass-fed meat and shallot confit.Tujo_9


Grilled seafood, steaks, lamb and chicken are a cornerstone of Tujo’s menu. The affably efficient service team will probably push the lobster (RM160++ for 500 grams), rubbed with the customer’s choice of Montreal salt, herb butter glaze or coriander lemongrass.Tujo_10


The top dessert’s the salted caramel tart, hot and sticky-crumbly with apples, guava and dragon fruit (RM20++), coupled with Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream.Tujo_11


Tujo’s cocktails are fun too: note the lit-cinnamon/cigarette flair/flare of The Funeral For Jack (bourbon, passion fruit puree, maple syrup, apple juice, basil), alongside The New Fashionista (tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice).


Fruity herbal concoctions: Eden Melon (gin, galliano, vanilla syrup, watermelon juice, thyme) and Assam Boi Mojito (with added apples). Tujo_13

Rosemary Martini and Blueberry Margarita, each hovering over RM30 (inclusive of taxes). Tujo_14


White chocolate vodka shooters (RM45++), a wonderful way to bring this evening to a close.Tujo_15

The “Play” component for Tujo comes in table games that are supposed to be offered here, including the likes of Five Stones, Bottle Caps and Pick Up Sticks.  Tujo_16

Tujo is touted to open everyday, 7am through late. Head here for a beer perhaps before work. Tujo_17 Tujo_18 Tujo_19Tujo_20

Location and Contact Details:

Tujo Bar-serrie and Grill,

Ascott The Residence, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2161-7789 or 03-2162-7789

Find Tujo’s directory listing here.

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