Text by Sharuna Segaren / Photos by Kimmie Chai


Known as the ‘Home of Sticky Bones’, locally based Morganfield’s has been delivering delicious and tender barbequed pork ribs to patrons in Malaysia for over three years, sufficiently filling a gap in the market. Their authentic prime pork rib is baked and smoked for hours over coal and hickory wood, then grilled to perfection and basted with their special homemade hickory barbeque sauce with a hint of cider. The sticky gooey texture that results from this process is what is known as their trademark ‘Sticky Bones’.

Besides going the extra mile in ensuring only the best quality pork ribs are served in their restaurants, their variable menu also includes all kinds of European and American-influenced fare, such as burgers, pork schnitzel, beer-battered fish fillets, and chicken foldovers.


We were lucky enough to be one of the first to sample some of the items on their newest menu on the first day of its launch at their newest restaurant in Sunway Pyramid (the eighth outlet in the country). We were served a platter of four different appetizers, cheekily called ‘Fourplay’, which were crunchy beer-battered onion rings, spicy chicken wings, crab and spinach dip, and russet potato boats. They were served with tortilla chips and an assortment of delicious sauces. A great and tasty way to kick off a comforting meal, this platter is ideal for sharing or for light bites in between meals.


Besides great food, the beverages menu is enticing as well, with a selection of tantalizing chilled and blended coolers. I had the Berry Easy, a combination of puréed blackberries, strawberries, and black grapes blended with ice, which was deliciously sweet and refreshing even without added sugar.


After polishing off the appetizers, we tucked into two of their latest additions, the Iberico Lemon Cola Baby Back and The Naughty Spare Ribs. We were told that pigs can indeed fly, as the Iberico ribs are specially flown in from Spain due to its renowned melt-in-your-mouth, falling off-the-bone texture and delicious taste that you can’t find in local pork. This special meat is also high in mono-unsaturated fats, comparable to olive oil, due to the pigs’ diet of acorns, which is why the Spanish locals call these pigs ‘olives with legs’! So, the meat is good for you AND delicious? More, please!


The Naughty Spare Ribs were also something special and equally satisfying, with a local twist on the usual Midwestern style BBQ ribs. Local flavours such as caramel soy sauce, lemongrass, ginger, and cili padi (bird’s-eye chili) were infused into this dish, leaving a spicy kick on the tongue that complemented the juicy meat, which was perfectly charred on the outside. Both of our rib dishes were served with tortilla chips and coleslaw.


Our bellies comforted by the flavourful and juicy ribs, we were looking forward to something sweet to end the meal. We were served the aptly-named Grand Finale, a trio of three of their mouth-watering desserts, an indulgent Chocolate Brownie, light lemon-infused Boston Cheesecake, and the yummy Classic Carrot Cake, accompanied by chocolate and vanilla ice-cream.


In a nutshell, Morganfield’s is a casual diner-style restaurant with great-tasting comfort food, along with friendly service and a welcoming ambiance. It’s a great choice for a birthday dinner, night out with friends, filling weekend lunch, or whenever you’re just in the mood for some deliciously satisfying, flavourful, juicy pork ribs!

Location and Contact Details

Morganfield’s at Sunway Pyramid

OB.K8, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid

Tel: +603 5612 9028

Daily, 11 am to 1 am

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