Currying favour: If you’re craving creamy comfort, Chang Thai promises hearty helpings of yellow curry with prawns, green curry with chicken, massaman curry with beef, panang curry with lamb shank and red curry with roast duck, mostly costing between RM19.90 and RM36.90 per portion.

1. Chang Thai 2. Chang Thai - Yellow curry with prawns 3. Chang Thai - green curry with chicken

Some of the flavours might benefit from more authentic nuances, while the produce could stand to be fresher, but it’s quite encouraging to see this quintessential ensemble of Thai curries served under one roof.

5. Chang Thai - panang curry with lamb shank 6. Chang Thai - red curry with roast duck 7. Chang Thai 8.

Location & Details

Chang Thai Restaurant

Ground Floor, Valenza Hotel, Batu 3, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, lunch & dinner.

Tel: 0379726100

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