Casual Italian fare forms the cornerstone of this lime-green, street-level bistro that replaced veteran restaurant Santini this month at Suria KLCC.

1 Limoncello

Limoncello seems to be run by the folks behind Pavilion’s Weissbrau & Spasso Milano, an assurance that food & service standards here pass muster. Note that Limoncello’s sister outlet, the more upscale Svago, will likely open upstairs sometime this month.

2 Limoncello

Mare di Monte Pizza

Wood-fire pizza ranks among Limoncello’s highlights. Can’t fault the Mare Di Monte (RM38.80++), a crisp-crust treat with prawns, mushrooms, tomato, mozzarella & white truffle oil.

3 Limoncello

Beef Ravioli with Sun-dried Tomatoes

Beef ravioli with sun-dried tomatoes (RM28.80++). The menu may not comprise surprises, but it’s executed well enough for a tourist-&-shopper clientele.

4 Limoncello

Pan-seared Hake

Pan-seared hake with light orange sauce, rosemary potatoes & buttered veggies (RM32.80++).

5 Limoncello

Breaded Chicken Breast with Risotto

Breaded chicken breast with pan-fried risotto (RM28.80++). Comfort food, fairly flavorsome.

6 Limoncello

Grilled Wagyu Tenderloin

Grilled Wagyu tenderloin (RM88++), thinly sliced but tantalizingly juicy, partnered with baked turkey pastrami & fontina cheese for extra savory-meatiness.

7 Limoncello


Milky Fior Di Latte gelato (RM8.80++), satisfyingly smooth.

8 Limoncello


Prices for Limoncello’s wine by the bottle begin north of RM140. Nice red, at any rate. Strangely though, limoncello isn’t on Limoncello’s menu.

9 Limoncello

10 Limoncello

Location and Contact Details

Limoncello Bistro & Bar,

Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2163-0188

View Limoncello’s directory page here.

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