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Brazzo Cascades, Petaling Jaya: Restaurant review

A rustic exposed brick wall and a grey marbled wall convey the impression of a trattoria. Bare tables and dark metal chairs reinforce the casual ambiance, and lighting is subdued.

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Jung Won Korean BBQ at Ampang: Restaurant review

All the Korean classics are present and the soup section is strong here.

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Mama Kim Restaurant at Pandan Indah: Restaurant review

The lure of colourful, affordably priced eats that are low in unhealthy fats and sodium served in a cheery ambiance will be irresistible to the health-conscious.

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Thai Garden Village at Kepong: Restaurant review

A massive restaurant that serves Thai food with flair, including seafood and barbecued meat.

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Takumi Yakiniku & Sushi at SS15, Subang Jaya: Restaurant Review

Stepping into Takumi, I am greeted by an unpretentious wooden bar with several stemmed glasses hanging from an overhead rack. Tatami rooms separated by cretonne curtains are on the right and regular tables on the left and displays of sake bottles and beer kegs indicate that a selection of liquor is available.

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