Hungry for a fowl feast, we ventured to Yummy Duck, one of Kuchai Lama’s seemingly countless Chinese eateries.


Smoked Duck and Spring Rolls

The selection is enjoyably extensive & well-prepared, with classics sharing the spotlight with contemporary concoctions. Highlights include smoked duck with black pepper (RM17), spring rolls stuffed with duck & lovely braised goose feet (RM15).


Traditional Roast Chicken and Wings with Glutinous Rice

Traditional roast chicken (RM25 for half) or a version of wings stuffed with glutinous rice (RM13)? We like the latter.


Siu Yok, Char Siu and Spare Ribs

Pork’s all present: Siu yok (RM22) & char siu (RM19) to spare ribs in Mongolian gravy or honey BBQ sauce (RM19 each).


Yummy Noodles

Yummy Duck takes pride as well in its noodles, which taste pretty good & turn out to be nicely textured too.



Location and Contact Details

Yummy Duck

9 Jalan Kuchai Maju 18, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama

Tel: 03-7981 6299

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