The Canteen by Chef Adu at National Textile Museum: Restaurant review

Malaysian museums have never been gastronomic attractions (with the exception of the Islamic Arts Museum), but Chef Adu Amran could help change that – the previously London-based MasterChef Malaysia personality has launched a hideout filled with family heirlooms at the National Textile Museum, reflecting his love for fabrics.

1. The Canteed by Chef Adu

The Canteen is a cocoon of curious calm in the afternoon, belying the bustle of traffic outside Merdeka Square, with strains of Edith Piaf soaring over the cafe’s speakers.

2. The Canteed by Chef Adu

Contemporary and classic

The Canteen’s repertoire represents both the contemporary and the classic – the nasi kerabu salad features brown and red rice, simultaneously creamy but wholesome-tasting, tinged with herbs and a tangy-spicy dressing with notes of salted eggs, fish sauce and lime (RM22).

3. The Canteed by Chef Adu

Chef Adu also takes pride in his roti canai tortilla, grilled with a centre of curried mango mayo, cheddar and mozzarella (RM18) – a playful recipe he created in 1994 and has served at his outlets Champor-Champor in London and Langkawi.

4. The Canteed by Chef Adu

Johor favourites

Adu’s from Johor, so it’s no surprise to see long-time southern favourites here – Mee Bandung Muar (RM12; egg noodles blanketed with a rich, sweet-savoury gravy flavoured with dried prawns and brisket stock), Laksa Johor and Soto Johor.

5. The Canteed by Chef Adu

But finish with more fusion – the onde-onde cake topped with pandan kaya macarons (RM12) looks like an excessive indulgence, but it’s the kind of unabashedly luscious cake that may make you feel six years old again. Wash down with Johor-roasted coffee.

6. The Canteed by Chef Adu 7. The Canteed by Chef Adu 8. The Canteed by Chef Adu 9. The Canteed by Chef Adu 10. The Canteed by Chef Adu 11. The Canteed by Chef Adu

Location & Details

The Canteen by Chef Adu

National Textile Museum, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, 9am-6pm

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