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Nasi Lemak Pasta

When the quintessential dishes of Malaysia and Italy collide, Nasi Lemak Pasta is the inevitable aftermath: TBF recently introduced an enjoyable interpretation of this hybrid recipe (RM18.90), doing justice to both nations with slick strands of pasta coated in a well-balanced sauce that speaks of coconut cream, pandan, ginger and anchovy sambal, accompanied by all the familiar accoutrements of nasi lemak, from hard-boiled eggs and cucumber to peanuts and ikan bilis, plus a boost of poached prawns. A creation capable of satisfying a wide swath of customers – nasi lemak lovers, pasta pursuers and novelty hunters.

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Porkie Platter

Another current highlight is the Jumbo Porkie Platter (RM98), strictly for sharing, showcasing crowd-pleasing components like Spanish pork ribs, pigs in blankets, and siu yok.

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Our favourite on the platter is the bacon mushroom bombs – battered balls filled with minced pork, lard, shiitake mushrooms cooked with Shaoxing rice wine and button mushrooms wrapped in streaky bacon; we’d happily gobble up more than one of these tasty, textured bombs. The platter comes with a heap of fries and multiple sauces – pineapple chilli, kicap manis chilli, aioli chilli and Dijon mustard – each designed to complement a specific portion of the platter.

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Guinness Nutella ice cream

If you happen to visit TBF in SetiaWalk, Scott Garden or Sunway Giza, these three branches also boast an extra temptation – Guinness Nutella ice cream, smooth and robust with the nuances of stout (RM12.90 for two scoops with whipping cream, almonds, Oreo crumbs, biscuit flakes and chocolate sauce).

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At SetiaWalk, customers can linger by the waterways and fountains with TBF’s cool classic cocktails – the Old Fashioned is a respectable rendition. Thanks to the TBF team for having us here.

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Location & Details

TBF (The Beer Factory)

B-11-G,  Blok B, Setiawalk, Persiaran Wawasan, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Selangor

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