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Stepping into D’Legends on a Sunday evening, some might be surprised to see this bar more than half-full even before 6pm, rollicking with rambunctious peals of laughter.

1. D'Legend Bar

13. D'Legend Bar

It’s clear that multiple throngs of friends have chosen this place to celebrate their weekend together – a testament to the casual magnetism of one of TTDI’s most amiable neighbourhood hangouts, now finishing its sixth year with a new lease on life after recently being taken up by Malaysian-Austrian couple Shankar and Susanna.

16. D'Legend Bar

 Asian fare

The setting remains distinctive, with instantly recognisable images of Marilyn, Jimi and Freddie lining the walls, and the service remains winning, but for most customers, the chief reason to head here is if you’re seeking cheerful, crowd-pleasing pub grub at fair prices. The current selection is extensive but not intimidating, offering temptations for every preference.

12. D'Legend Bar

If you’re into Asian fare, you won’t go wrong with the slow-cooked pork belly rendang, tossed with generous helpings of crunchy crackling that make this absolutely addictive (RM23).

2. D'Legend Bar

The kitchen team also deserves a pat on the back for the signature pork satay, chunky and moist (RM23), and the flavourful, egg-crowned Bacon Overload Fried Rice, precisely what its name promises (RM20).

3. D'Legend Bar

4. D'Legend Bar

Western fare

The Western repertoire includes can’t-fail favourites like pizza and tortilla wraps, ribs and sausages, but burgers take a notable place of pride, with no fewer than six different varieties, each boasting its own house-made pork, beef, chicken, lamb or vegetarian patty, complemented by toppings that range from guacamole, grilled tomatoes and garlic aioli to peanut butter and strawberry jam, sandwiched in German-inspired bread rolls.

5. D'Legend Bar

The spicy pork packs an uncompromising fieriness, mellowed mildly by lashings of salsa and melted mozzarella; it’s a satisfyingly juicy, hearty burger, complete with hand-cut fries (RM23).

6. D'Legend Bar


Regular specials keep the menu lively – for seven days earlier this month, the pork lasagna was a top draw for RM18, joining an impressively versatile roster of weekly specials that have spanned the likes of Sarawak laksa, Chettinad lamb varuval and a roast beef salad. Every weekend, you’ll also find a lunch special for both Saturdays (lamb biryani) and Sundays (fish head curry).

7. D'Legend Bar

8. D'Legend Bar

Dessert and drinks

Following through with our precept of pork, pork and more pork for this dinner, we had the chocolate fudge brownie with bacon-tinged whipped cream for dessert, a delicious recipe that’ll easily be polished off the plate (RM12).

9. D'Legend Bar

Wash down your meal with a cocktail or two – the Legendary Shadow (RM28) features rum, gin, pineapple juice and blackcurrant juice, while the Lychee Martini (RM28) needs no elaboration – and wine (house pours are RM20 by the glass). We’re not beer drinkers, but we hear that D Legends has cultivated a very solid reputation for capably drawn pints and mugs. Many thanks to the team here for having us.

10. D'Legend Bar

11. D'Legend Bar

14. D'Legend Bar

15. D'Legend Bar

17. D'Legend Bar

Location & Details

D’Legends Bar

24, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Mon-Fri, 330-1am; Sat-Sun, 11am-1am.

Tel: 03-7733-6270

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