Sino Scene heralds the potential revitalisation of KL’s Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences as a dining destination – this new Chinese restaurant is an oasis of calm in downtown Pudu, offering a sixth-floor view of the inner city to complement a menu that uniquely straddles the cuisines of both Sichuan and Hong Kong.

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Sichuan and Hong Kong flavours

Guests can get the best of both Sichuan’s spicy, piquant flavours and Hong Kong’s juicy, robust roasts at Sino Scene – the former is epitomised by the likes of a Sichuan sweet-sour bird’s nest and crab meat soup, temptingly thick and tongue-tingling (RM30), as well as other specialities such as Sichuan chilli chicken or scallops, while the latter best manifests itself in the satisfactory five-spice duck (RM35 for half a duck) and other fowl favourites like soy or honey-roasted chicken.

4. Sino Scene - sweet sour birds nest and crab soup 5. Sino Scene - sechuan chilli chicken6. Sino Scene - five spice duck

Veteran Malaysian chef Alex Choong whips up some interesting items – we like the mantou with pan-fried shredded duck (RM12); eaten together, the bun and meat – slicked up in a savoury sauce – taste like a long-lost twin of cha siu bao (note: Sino Scene is a no-pork restaurant). The beef char siew (RM17) is also notable, the chewier, gamier version of regular char siew.

7. Sino Scene - mantou pan-fried shredded duck 8. Sino Scene - beef char siew

Claypot dishes

Sino Scene takes special pride in its claypot recipes, a treat especially if you love prawns. You’ll find butter cream prawns with egg floss (RM26; an irresistible indulgence), wok-fried rice with prawns and mixed seafood (RM13; flavoursome) and our eternally beloved sang har noodles (RM38; comfortingly piping-hot, creamy and eggy), each reasonably priced and respectably executed.

9. Sino Scene - claypot butter cream prawns with egg 10. Sino Scene - fried rice with prawns and seafood11. Sino Scene - sang har noodles

Sino Scene’s repertoire is comprehensive as a solid Chinese establishment’s should be, so whether you’re looking for meat, bean curd or vegetables, there’s something for everybody, from chunky aromatic braised lemongrass beef ribs (RM28/RM38 for small or medium) to red-braised Japanese bean curd and fish skin (RM20) to stir-fried asparagus with clams (RM15).

12. Sino Scene - braised lemongrass beef 13. Sino Scene - braised japanese bean curd and fish skin14. Sino Scene - stir fried asparagus

Desserts and drinks

Wrap up with Swiss-Garden’s signature deep-fried ice cream, in batter-encrusted flavours like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla (RM15) and wash down with a selection of Chinese tea or French wine. Many thanks to the Sino Scene team for having us here.

15. Sino Scene - deep fried ice cream 16. Sino Scene - french wine and chinese tea 17. Sino Scene18. Sino Scene 19. Sino Scene 20. Sino Scene

Location & Details

Sino Scene

6th Floor, Swiss Garden Residences, Jalan Pudu, Off Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, 12pm-230pm, 6pm-1030pm.

Tel: 03-27851111 ext. 1284/1272

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