This is one beautiful restaurant, especially after sunset, filled with crackerjack flourishes that benefit from shadowy lighting.

1 Niu Taste

Niu Taste, opened at St Mary Place this past month by the team behind Black Market, calls itself a noodle & grill bar, specializing in Vietnamese, Taiwanese & Japanese recipes. No pork is served here.

Taiwanese Red-braised Beef Noodles

The high-profile choices on the menu: Niu Taste’s take on Taiwanese red-braised beef noodles …

3 Niu Taste

Vietnamese Pho Bo

… plus ‘pho bo,’ Vietnamese flat rice noodles with beef balls, tenderloin, shank, tendon & stomach.

4 Niu Taste

Each hearty serving with everything thrown in costs RM28+. Could be punchier in flavor though.

5 Niu Taste


Prefer porridge? Niu Taste has a fish-flooded version of that too, mixed with tiger grouper meat, stomach & liver that might be an acquired taste (RM28+).

6 Niu Taste

Lamb Loin Saddle

For plain protein, the tender-tasty lamb loin saddle with garlic mustard provides pure pleasure. RM16+ for two slices.

7 Niu Taste

Unagi Liver Teriyaki

Eel liver? Yep, find it here: Skewers of grilled unagi liver teriyaki (RM18+). A very interesting option, slightly more concentrated in flavor than eel flesh.

8 Niu Taste

Century Egg with Tofu

Century egg with tofu (RM8). Elegant simplicity.

9 Niu Taste


Sake, wine, whisky & beer are all available.

10 Niu Taste

Location and Contact Details

Niu Taste @ St Mary Place

A-04, Ground Floor, St Mary Place, Jalan Tengah, Kuala Lumpur.

Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm.

Tel: 03-2856-9866

View Niu Taste’s directory page here.

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