This cafe has the cattiest regulars ever.

1 The Country Cat Cafe

Friends of felines have begun clawing their way to Setapak’s Country Cat Cafe, where tabbies preen & prowl over the couches & under the tables. Fur will fly, for certain.

2 The Country Cat Cafe

The owners of Country Cat recently started sending out press releases & scheduling media interviews to boost this cafe’s profile (everyone from Cosmopolitan magazine to ntv7 is believed to be heading here); there’s ferocious interest in what’s being billed as Malaysia’s first cat cafe (one more will open in Penang soon, not related to this KL outlet).

3 The Country Cat Cafe

We counted nine cats _ American Curls, Bengals & Persians whose names range from Beyonce to Snowy _ several sleepy & others curious. The cafe calls on customers to indulge in ‘cat therapy’ by playing with these cuddly creatures to help calm their human nerves.

4 The Country Cat Cafe

Ultimately though, the crucial question for most cafes might be: How’s the food?

5 The Country Cat Cafe

Two paws way, way up! These seem to be satisfied customers, leaping up as soon as the chow was served.

6 The Country Cat Cafe

Cat Food

Three cans cost RM10 (we pay, they eat). Gourmet combos include tender tuna tossed with whitebait.

7 The Country Cat Cafe

Talk about licking the plate clean.

8 The Country Cat Cafe

French Fries & Spring Rolls

No fear, two-legged patrons need not starve, though options are limited to air-fried French fries & spring rolls.

9 The Country Cat Cafe


Thirsty? There’s milk with fish bone-shaped coffee ice cubes (the cats will want the former).

10 The Country Cat Cafe

Each entry into the cafe costs RM14.90 per hour, inclusive of one drink (Hello, Kit-Tea! Sip on peach-&-passionfruit Ahmad tea).

11 The Country Cat Cafe

Final Thoughts

Housekeeping notes: Customers must cleanse their hands & wear cafe-supplied slippers before coming into contact with cats.

12 The Country Cat Cafe

Photography is fine. Imagine the Instagram possibilities!

13 The Country Cat Cafe

Never a dull moment: A black-&-white TV was showing a presentation of _ what else? _ Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical “Cats.”

14 The Country Cat Cafe

Other suggested activities include crawling into a human-sized carrier (with or without a cat) …

15 The Country Cat Cafe

… & helping to groom the cats (not that these glossy-furred cuties really need it!).

16 The Country Cat Cafe

The Country Cat Cafe is nestled inside The Country Pet Store, which provides pet boarding & accessory retail services in locations including Setapak (the only venue with a cafe), Bangsar & Kajang.

17 The Country Cat Cafe

18 The Country Cat Cafe

19 The Country Cat Cafe

20 The Country Cat Cafe

Location and Contact Details

Malaysia Cat Cafe (The Country Cat Cafe)

60, Plaza Usahawan Genting Klang, Jalan Danau Niaga 1, Taman Danau Kota, Kuala Lumpur

Open 11am-945pm daily.

Tel: 03-4131-3348

View The Country Cat Cafe’s directory page here.

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