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Storming the Bastille of Oasis Ara Damansara, Brasserie Enfin heralds a full-fledged French revolution in this neighborhood, liberating patrons from the tyranny of second-rate escargot. We have so few French restaurants in the Klang Valley, so there’s cause for celebration whenever one finally opens; Brasserie Enfin’s elegantly understated, occupying a first-floor space overlooking the Oasis Piazza’s fountains.Brasserie Enfin_2

Advance Ordering

The menu’s extensive; some specialties might require advance ordering (24-hour brine-prepared whole duck, vinegar-sauteed rabbit, herb-roasted Dorper lamb leg with anchovies), but thankfully, not this bright-orange Mimolette cheese salad (RM12++).Brasserie Enfin_3

Classic Eggs

Brasserie Enfin is a relatively affordable French restaurant: This classic “oeufs en cocotte,” beautiful baked eggs with shrimp, cream & croutons, costs only RM10++.Brasserie Enfin_4

Red-wine-poached duck egg (RM10++). Devilishly creamy, the Holy Grail for yolk enthusiasts; cholesterol can’t get better than this. Brasserie Enfin_5

Boeuf Bourguignon

Beouf bourguignon (RM48++), slow-braised shin topped with beef bacon lardon, since this is a no-pork outlet. Note that reservations are fervently encouraged; the restaurant imposes a limit on the number of walk-in customers each evening.Brasserie Enfin_6

Wagyu Steak

Seeking flavor-soaked steak? Brasserie Enfin’s 180-gram grilled Wagyu flat iron steak (RM98++), a sacrament of supreme succulence, fits that bill perfectly.Brasserie Enfin_7

House-made Macarons

Don’t miss the restaurant’s own-made macarons (RM5++ each), which come in fun flavors like elderberry, apple with green tea, rose with elderflower, dark chocolate with chili and white chocolate with cardamom.Brasserie Enfin_8

Macaron platters are served with a side of chocolate, caramel and basil flower meant to be eaten in a sweeping flourish. Brasserie Enfin’s philosophy: nothing on the plate is simply decorative; every component delivers a delicious purpose.Brasserie Enfin_9


Drink to the brasserie’s health: Wine starts at RM16++ by the glass, RM70++ by the bottle.Brasserie Enfin_10

Brasserie Enfin has ambitious plans: By next year, another Enfin may open in KL’s city center, housed with an Italian eatery and a champagne bar. This is one brand to watch.Brasserie Enfin_11Brasserie Enfin_12

Location and Contact Details:

Brasserie Enfin,

Lot R-07, 1st Floor, Central Piazza, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara.

Tel: 03-7832-2969

Open for dinner, except Mondays. Located above Bad Boy Cooks.

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