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Press Juice Bar and Deliveries: Review

Press Juice has a delicious range that's now available at their raw juice bar in Menara Shell and through delivery via online orders

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Juus Juice at Jaya One: Snapshot

Cold-pressed juices galore, in combos like carrots, orange and turmeric, or purple carrots, orange and apple.

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Juicy Bites TTDI: Restaurant Review

For fans of fruits, this cafe-store yields a bumper crop of the orchard's fresh harvest, from Malaysian mangosteens, ciku, pomelos & strawberries to Korean pears & grapes, Spanish peaches & lemons to South African persimmons & tangerines, Taiwanese guavas & New Zealand green kiwifruits to Japanese apples.

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Juice D Fruitz at Setiawalk: Restaurant Review

Setiawalk's Juice D' Fruitz features no fewer than 32 cold-pressed combos, with components that range from beetroot to broccoli to bananas & blueberries, grapefruit to guava to ginger & garlic (!)

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1 2 Juice at Sungai Besi: Restaurant Review

Here's our vitamin-packed voyage to a new outlet that'll recommend more than merely an apple a day: 1 2 Juice (terrific name!) in Sungai Besi's Lakefields for freshest fruit juices imaginable.

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Juicyfy Juice Bar at Damansara Uptown: Restaurant Review

(Damansara) Uptown funk gives us a new cafe to check out; Juicyfy, which serves cold-pressed juices (the Klang Valley's current 'it' drink), smoothies, bread, waffles & gelato.

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LifeJuice at 1Utama: Restaurant Review

LifeJuice hopes to kick-start a craze for cold-pressed juices that pack multiple pounds of wholesome produce into each nutrition-filled bottle.

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