Minimal-guilt nasi lemak isn’t an oxymoron; folks in search of relatively wholesome recipes for our national dish can now explore Sun Fresh Cafe, which is part of the Sunrider health & beauty boutique franchise store in The Weld.


Nasi Lemak Sans Rice and Santan

Sun Fresh’s version of vegetarian nasi lemak is surprisingly satisfying under very strange circumstances – instead of rice, quinoa & couscous are used, & there’s no coconut milk. In that sense, this might sound beyond bizarre – nasi lemak without rice & santan? But it still manages to emulate the tasty traits of nasi lemak, with tempeh sambal & seeds galore. RM13.50.


Wholesome Sandwiches

Sandwiches are available too – choose either pumpkin wholegrain or spelt bread with cheese & kitchen-made spicy paprika BBQ sauce (RM6.90). Add RM2 for smoked chicken or RM4.50 for smoked salmon.


Detox Juices

To stifle a sense of post-lunch sluggishness, Sun Fresh serves detox smoothies, juices & teas; we kinda like the room-temperature, made-to-order blend of spinach, green apples, young ginger, orange & lemon zest (RM6.60 for small).


Location and Contact Details

Sun Fresh Cafe

L1-03, Level One, The Weld Shopping Centre, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2022 0468

Find: Sun Fresh Cafe directory page here.

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