Crazy Fish beckons us back, this time for its cooked creations. With our weather blowing hot & cold this month, Crazy Fish promises something suitable for every temperature. Earlier entry on Crazy Fish’s raw seafood recipes: May 18.

1 Crazy Fish Korean


This marine-themed Korean restaurant’s most memorable offering might be ‘sannakji’ (chopped-up octopus served with its body parts still moving), but patrons who prefer their food to be entirely immobilised can order a super-hearty serving of Korean-style pan mee soup with a whole cooked small octopus instead.

2 Crazy Fish Korean

Snip, snip! The unkindest cut: Sharp scissors make short work of eight tentacles (as well as every other part of the octopus).

3 Crazy Fish Korean

Easy to eat, supplying many mouthfuls of octopus meat that could scarcely be springier or fresher. RM30 for a portion for two

4 Crazy Fish Korean


On blistering afternoons, beat the heat with this ‘mulhoe,’ an icy Korean summertime speciality with sliced fish, crisp veggies & kimchi paste. Not exactly cooked though; the fish is raw, sashimi-style.

5 Crazy Fish Korean

RM50 might sound pricey for this, but the big bowl features many slices of halibut & other fish (sometimes flounder & more).

6 Crazy Fish Korean

Fish Egg Soup

When it’s not sweater weather, stay warm with this steaming-hot fish egg soup, comfort food that’s ideal for cold, lonely nights. The perfect gastronomic response when somebody begs you, “Come out, come out, won’t you turn my soul, into a raging fire?”

7 Crazy Fish Korean

RM18, something of a steal (once more, sufficiently nourishing for two customers or more), bobbing with numerous blobs of roe in savoury, spicier-than-expected broth (blame it on chilli powder). Founded on Korean flavours but tastes quintessentially Asian.

8 Crazy Fish Korean

Grilled Yellow Corvina with Porridge

Something simpler? Whole grilled yellow corvina (RM15), moist but distinctively salty, with creamy, seaweed-tinged porridge.

9 Crazy Fish Korean

Side Dishes


Scallops are sometimes available as a weekly special.

10 Crazy Fish Korean


Happy as a clam? A giant one, soaked in a thick, tangy sauce that proves ferociously fiery.

11 Crazy Fish Korean

Sea Urchin Roe

Crazy Fish serves sea urchin roe (RM58), though this is something that the mainstream Japanese eateries fare a bit better at.

12 Crazy Fish Korean


Request the banchan side dishes if necessary …

13 Crazy Fish Korean

… especially if they include Korean cockles (which taste kinda like mussels, maybe).

14 Crazy Fish Korean


For now, there’s no corkage fee at Crazy Fish, so bring a bottle of white or bubbly.

15 Crazy Fish Korean

Or not: We’re mad about Crazy Fish’s maesilmaeul plum wine; makgeolli & soju are available too.

16 Crazy Fish Korean

Location and Contact Details

Crazy Fish

9-G, Jalan Solaris 3, Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Daily for lunch & dinner (until 2 a.m.), except the first Monday of each month.

Tel: 03-6211-7313

View Crazy Fish’s directory page here.

17 Crazy Fish Korean

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