InterContinental’s mooncakes are made to marvel at, from their elaborate packaging (check out those individual butterfly-themed boxes) to elegant craftsmanship (imprinted with the InterContinental icon & imperial lettering) to exquisite flavours (we’d recommend more than a few) that chef Lo Tion Son & his team prepare by hand daily for irreproachable freshness.




Classic and Contemporary

The selection is far-reaching, spanning both the classic & contemporary, while consistently showcasing exceptional standards, with five baked-skin varieties to choose from, like the bamboo charcoal skin with assorted nut paste (RM32 per piece, RM128 per box of four), & six mini snow-skins, such as tiramisu paste with honey nuts, or the yam & white skin with pumpkin & green tea paste, or the peanut butter skin with Japanese purple potato paste & yam omachi (RM20 per piece, RM120 per box of six).





Our Favourites

Our favourites include two terrific hand-made snow-skins: Chestnut paste with diced hawthorn & pineapple paste (RM23 per piece, RM138 per box of six), which features ravishingly mellow, tangy-earthy nuances, & the Red Prawn durian with egg cream (RM25 per piece, RM150 per box of six), which does delectable justice to the luxurious textures of the king of fruits.




We’re also admirers of the yolk-based mooncakes; it’s worth going all-out for the white lotus paste with double salted egg yolks & almonds (RM32 per piece, RM128 a box of four) – the yolks are fabulous, cured in-house for a sumptuous moistness & compelling brininess. Many customers will also enjoy the inventive dimensions of the pandan coconut egg floss paste with single salted egg yolk (RM20 apiece) & the scarlet skin with beetroot powder & pandan salted egg bean paste (RM30 apiece).




InterContinental KL’s mooncakes are available through 27 Sept. Many thanks to the InterContinental team for these.



Location and Contact Details

InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

165 Jalan Ampang

Tel: +60 3 2161 1111

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