Basira Yeusuff is a woman we’ve stalked for years, from the afternoon she opened her first cafe (the late, lamented Crumbs in Lucky Garden) in 2011 to her forays at Bangsar Shopping Centre’s markets (where she operated as Yay, Sammich!) since then. Now, we’ve exultantly worked our way into her house (!!!) in this neighbourhood that she loves.

1 The Fancy Breakfast Club

But before someone summons the police, let’s reveal what’s happening here: Basira & four of her partners-in-crime this week launched a home-based enterprise called The Fancy Breakfast Club, shunning the typical dinnertime designs of most private kitchens & serving morning meals instead, six days a week.

2 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Bangsar’s new breakfast club rises 8 a.m. & wraps up 11 a.m., Tuesdays through Fridays; it’s 11am-2pm on weekends. Patrons can text Basira before coming, but reservations are needed only for Saturdays & Sundays. Breakfast on weekdays costs RM30 (the introductory price; it will likely increase), while weekends are currently RM60 (the weekend spread is wider, with an extra buffet-style table of goodies). Expect weekends to be briskly booked, extremely soon. Text or call 012-200-4301 for reservations.

3 The Fancy Breakfast Club


Our weekday selection at Basira’s comfy home (with the welcoming chef-&-hostess, plus barista Faris in attendance) kicked off with bread & butter (help yourselves to seconds & thirds), plus a nice little cheese platter.

4 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Terrifically textured bircher muesli (well worth the effort of heading here), alongside Greek & blueberry yoghurt.

5 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Main Course (Weekdays)

The comfort-food menu changes every two weeks; for now until May 16, weekday visitors can choose one of these four dishes above as their main course (while the weekend people can select one of the three savoury dishes as an entree and also have dessert as an extra course).

6 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Options: Basira’s almost-famous speciality of six-hour-braised beef brisket, paired here with a sunny-side-up.

7 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Or soft Lyonnaise potatoes with a seared scallop & poached egg.

8 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Or baked egg with spinach, mushrooms & potatoes in tomato sauce, topped with gruyere.

9 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Or pancakes (fabulously fluffy) with French vanilla ice cream & bits of pomegranate. Very, very nice.

10 The Fancy Breakfast Club


Chocolate cake to celebrate the start of something special.

11 The Fancy Breakfast Club


Secure an entire week’s requirement of Vitamin C with a free flow of orange juice. Filtered coffee is in the pipeline.

12 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Final Thoughts on The Fancy Breakfast Club

Making ourselves at home & feeling free to wander inside; the ‘office space’ at the back is a treasure trove of pop culture.

13 The Fancy Breakfast Club

What’s the story, morning glory? Shelves bursting with cassettes, CDs (though where are the Gin Blossoms?), DVDs & books.

14 The Fancy Breakfast Club

15 The Fancy Breakfast Club

Location and Contact Details

The Fancy Breakfast Club (FBC KL)

Jalan Limau Purut, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012-200-4301

View The Fancy Breakfast Club’s directory page here.

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